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  1. Default Why do I keep seeing Obama zombies?

    Why do I keep seeing Obama zombies?
    Why do I keep seeing Obama zombies?-51yllglr4ol._sl500_aa280_.jpg

    I probably won't go as Obama Zombie. I wonder what Democrat zombie would look like...I could work on it.

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    i guess Obama is the President? people like spoofing celebrity ? i don't know

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    That was kind of a rhetorical question maybe? I dunno.

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    Its a new series of Zombie President masks that Totally Ghoul is marketing. they have Obama, W, Clinton, Bush Sr & Reagan. K-Mart is selling them.

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    At least it's slightly more creative than the usual political caricature masks they make every year...

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    Yipes! That doesn't quite look like him, but I guess if he were a zombie he would look a tad off.

    I often wonder who buys those President masks. I see them everywhere yet I've never seen anyone I know in one or one used in a display or haunt. It'd be useful for all the haters regardless of the President portrayed.
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    I was at a costume contest a few years ago, and these guys wearing black suits and ties, sunglasses, and ear plugs came in and started pushing people aside for another guy who was wearing a Clinton mask. "Clinton" was working the crowd, and acting about how you would expect Clinton to act, and he and his "Secret Service" agents were pretty damn funny.
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    yeah..I thought it might be new.

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    It might have something to do with the prevalence of horror in culture these days too. Hmph. Interesting.

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    I saw the Zombie Presidents masks at Kmart. Wouldn't Reagan be the only one qualified to be a zombie? Anyway...

    I have seen a president mask used in a prop. One of my neighbors used a Dubya mask on his gravedigger static prop. You couldn't even recognize him. He just looked like an old guy.
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Why do I keep seeing Obama zombies?