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    Default How to be a Skeleton & Cover It Up

    Two things I saw you might like. How to be a Skeleton has a video on Juxtapoz Magizine web page under" Erotic How to be a skeleton". Must see video ( don't let the erotic scare you it- art ) The second was on Boing Boing. I've seen the high heel shoes before but not the bikini. I think if you put both on it would be overkill. I can't believe I just wrote that. Enjoy.

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    Default Hope pics attached

    How to be a Skeleton &  Cover It Up
    Don't know why the pics didn't attach, sorry
    Attached Images Attached Images How to be a Skeleton &  Cover It Up-how-.jpg How to be a Skeleton &  Cover It Up-bathing-zuite.jpg 

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    Hi Kallie,
    Did you go to the site & see the video? The pics cool but the Video is really cool. I wish I knew how to attach the video. Glad you liked it.

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    For future reference, here's the page:



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    How to be a Skeleton &  Cover It Up
    i could watch that video a few more times.lol. you should have put a NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!!!! warning on it though.since i dont want to walk around butt naked,i go the more formal route

    How to be a Skeleton &  Cover It Up-img_8395.jpg




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