My 2010 Reaper Costume
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    Default My 2010 Reaper Costume

    My 2010 Reaper Costume
    I deceided I was going to do a Reaper costume this year and really wanted something that stood out. I figured I would start with the Cloak.I looked long and hard and came across lots of cloaks, but the Twin Roses designs was closest to what I had wanted mine to look like. I really wanted a ragged and tattered reaper. I liked thier cloak for these reasons. When I received it, I liked it very much however I was looking for more tattering. I made a black canvas poncho and washed it to get to the level of raggedness I was looking for. I wore 22" stilts (homemade scrap 4x4's) and fixed shreds and tattered pieces of the canvas to cover them. Overall I ended up about 8' tall. I purchased a Softflex foam latex Skull mask and hand painted the details on, it was rather plain from the factory. Zygon reaper hands finished it out. The Scythe was my original inspiration for the whole costume. I came across it in my Aunts attic. It belonged to my Great,Great Grandfather and has been in the family for around 150 years. The whole thing worked very well, the neighborhood kids will never be the same!

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    Your costume looks the authenticity of the scythe..great job!
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    This is awesome!! Nice job.

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    Great job!!! I'm guessing that you're using some type of stilts?

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    I made some 22" 4x4 stilts they were a little heavy for extensive walking, but a lot cheaper than buying some!

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    If you plan on using this costume often, you may want to invest in some drywall stilts. A friend of mine purchased some off of Ebay and I used them one year. They are fairly easy to walk in and lightweight as well.




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