Welcome New Fanboy!!!
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Welcome New Fanboy!!!

  1. TheHalloweenAddict
    Welcome to The _<NEW>_ Spirit Halloween Fright Squad! Here's a little info on our group! (P.S. If you are not new, there are other topics!)

    -We are not associated with Spirit Halloween in any way. We also are NOT "official" Fright Squad. We are just Fan-boys of halloween

    -I (Halloween_Addict) Started this cause as you know, there is no more "Fright Squad" posts on spirithalloween.com since 2012. So maybe as a whole group we can create ideas for spirit halloween!

    -We want YOU! To create Ideas, Cardboard Display Plans, or even Prop Designs!

    -We are not just Sharing ideas! We want to talk about current Spirit Halloween events. So, just do anything spirit Halloween or any Halloween store related.

    -Last but not least, we want people! Share this with other friends, family, other Halloween fanatics! Enjoy your time as a Un-Official Spirit Halloween Fright Squad Member
  2. Nickthetoyguy
    Ok Cool Im in!
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