What kind of Haunter are you
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What kind of Haunter are you

  1. Johnson724
    Since we have a good group of people going so far in the south east. What is your thing. Are you a pro haunter, interior decorator, partier, house haunter, pro ToTer, exterior decorator etc...

    Whats your thing?

    I'm a house haunter, or actually yard haunter. I decorate the front of the house and have a haunt in the backyard the big night.

    Take a seat on the couch, relax, have a drink and tell me a little about yourself.
  2. Skullie
    I decorate the inside more only because my husband loves his lawn and I am not allowed to kill the grass. Each room has something different and it looks like Disney meets a southern Bell.
  3. Johnson724
    I totally understand the grass thing. I work all season to keep my grass looking nice. However, since its going to be dying soon anyway I really dont worry about it too much around halloween. This year I was so busy during the month of July I didnt get to tend to the yard and my backyard got invaded with crab grass. (thanks neighbors). So this year I'm not so much worried about it.
  4. BR1MSTON3
    I am mostly a yard haunter, but do some displays in the house.
  5. RussP
    I am mostly an inside haunter... my kids are getting a bit older so perhaps this year we won't go trick-or-treating but may do a haunted house outside.
    We have tons of inside stuff... 4-shelf collection of Dept56/Lemax, several inflatables, many many props (candelabras, animated plaques, sound effects, spiders, etc).
  6. The Halloween Lady
    The Halloween Lady
    I do both! Unfortunately...wait what am I saying FORTUNATELY each year it seems to get bigger and bigger. I started out small, decorating mainly outside for my kids when were little. Then when they became teens I really ramped things up. I totally creeped out the inside and began a yearly teen party. Now my husband has really gotten into the "spirit" and sort of usurped my holiday. He has added an additinal party for coworkers,neighbors and clients.
  7. chartreusechaos
    I started as a yard/inside haunter and held large (90+) family parties. Daughter is now 13, so we switched to a peer-only party with a basement spook house 2 years ago. I do the yard pretty small and leave it out through Halloween. My house is at the bottom of 2 huge hills, so we never have ToTers. Last year's spook house was a scary clown/funhouse theme. I didn't realize so many kids are afraid of clowns!
  8. tampat
    Inside and outside haunts. Inside is more tame and traditional so my kids dont have nightmares, outside it totally to freak out the neighbor's children.
  9. Johnson724
    I dont do the inside. Everything is set up outside. I was going to set up somekind of ghouls dinner table since you can see it through a large window but I might do that next year.
  10. susan from creepy hollow
    susan from creepy hollow
    i was previously a yard haunter, until we started the trail 3-4 years ago. now that we've had to change locations we aren't doing it this year... so maybe back to yard haunting for this season. have an idea for a big prop that will work in the yard this season and in the trail next year... can't say too much-just know it will be KILLER! >
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