What kind of Haunter are you
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What kind of Haunter are you

  1. DeadED
    We are yard haunters. We look at it more as a festival getting outside the house and enjoying the company of people.
  2. Seadragon7
    I am a yard and sidewalk haunter. Would love to go extreme on the yard as well but we just don't have enough kids or TOTers to justify all the work. We have about 20 kids and that's it. Sad, because we live in Lexington, KY and everyone ethier goes to the malls, churches etc... Nobody beats the sidewalks here anymore.
  3. stick
    I decorate my front yard and front of my house and inside for my Halloween party.
  4. Darkwalker
    I am a Yard Haunter- Like lots of folks I've always loved Halloween more than any other holiday but last year was my first go at yard haunting. This year I'll turn my front yard and driveway into a walkthrough cemetery. Same as last year but I only used half of the yard. I actually just wrapped up my first build session of the year. I spent the weekend making tombstones. So the halloween season has already started here.
  5. SpiderBaby
    My Boyfriend and I have a large yard-haunt at our house called Zombie Drive. Our house is always decorated in Halloween, Gothic, Fantasy, and Horror themes. In September and October some of the decorations go outside that aren't made to be in the weather all year. Zombie Drive is on the day that kiddies will be out trick-or-treating. Sometimes it's on Halloween, but it depends on church days and ballgames. The day of Zombie Drive we decorate the circle driveway and give candy and treats to the ToTs.

    We also started a spook-trail in town in 2007 and were in charge of it the first year, the VFD sponsored it and it's on their land, but we don't work on it anymore.

    Yard-haunter, house interior/exterior decorator, & spook-trail planner/decorator/actor.
  6. VintageGreenZombieGirl
    Yard & indoor haunter here! I'm a newb at the yard, however, as I just started making my own props this year. We have a big party every year, though, so I decided I definitely wanted to step up our game this year...lol
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