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Who is from Georgia?

  1. The King of Terrors
    The King of Terrors
    I'm in Georgia, Carrollton.
  2. TheBerggs
    New to the forum... Acworth haunter!
  3. Gatordave
    Looks like we have a few here from Acworth, Kennesaw and Woodstock!
  4. dawghaunt
    Im from winder. wish there was more yard haunts here...
  5. BrianAtl
    I'm from Lawrenceville. Did a small setup last year, looking to go bigger next year.
  6. KasEck
    I'm from Atlanta but I currently live in savannah! Only the greatest haunted city ever!
  7. Gatordave
    Hello everyone, its Gatordave. I looked on the SE Haunters page and tried to find everyone on the Whose from GA page. Many are from the Atlanta area and surrounding suburbs. I'm from Acworth. Thought it would be fun if we could get together on a Saturday or Sunday to meet, trade ideas, have lunch and just socialize for a few hours.

    We could find a central place either downtown or around the Perimeter Mall area that may be more central to the Metro folks.

    So thought I would take a leap and PM you all to see if there is interest. There is a limite of 5 addressees per PM so i sent out 5. If we get enough folks I can post back those interested in the SE Forum page and we can look for future dates that would work, decide on a location and time and go from there.

    So this is the easy part: Are you interested??? If you are PM me back and I will tally those interested and then message back as well as post on the GA page. Also, please add any other Georgians I may have missed.
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