Who is from Alabama?
Hello there, is this your first visit?

Who is from Alabama?

  1. bamaquad
    West blocton here, in between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.
  2. auburnkt
    I'm from Huntsville! Kind of sad I missed a meetup.
  3. KenDPhil
    I live in Huntsville, or at least I will when my deployment to Afghanistan ends in a few weeks
  4. Lady Claire
    Lady Claire
    Anniston/Oxford/Jacksonville area for me! Anyone know any fun things happening this year?
  5. chicagohippie
    Northport here
  6. VintageGreenZombieGirl
    About 20 minutes North of B'ham here.
  7. LBgreen
    From around the Enterprise Ft. Rucker Area. We have a haunted trail and haunted house that we do on the military post each year. It's all volunteers and we do it 2 nights. If any one is in our area and would like to come out and play with us you can contact us at monstersFRS@gmail.com. We ususally have around 100-150 actors and volunteers and we do it to raise money for the Riding Stables on post. They do not get money from the /Government and we raise money to help keep the horse stables running each year. Our event is really large and we have lots of people in the two nights we do it. Come and help us and the horses out at Ft. Rucker AL..
  8. DarkManDustin
    I wanna schedule a meetup for anyone in and around Huntsville. Pleas PM, or email me, at dudedustin@gmail.com to schedule a time and place.

    Talladegians, do you know where that house/apartment across from the Alabama School for the blind? They used to put on a Halloween display in the early 90s. Who put that on?
  9. FreakinFreak
    How about another Huntsville meetup?
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