Haunters that ride
Hello there, is this your first visit?

Haunters that ride

  1. diggerc

    I'll go first.
    Harley Davidson FXDWGI (Wide Glide)
  2. Finn

    1999 HD XLC1200
  3. diggerc
    Nice ride.
    Mine, except bags and skull gas caps is still stock.
  4. Finn
    Ya gotta start somewhere, right?
    I swore when I got the bike (as my wife reminds me every other day) I was going to keep it stock. I was just going to be happy having a Harley. Weeeelllll, that lasted about 2 months and hasn't stopped for the last 5 1/2 years. This will be the first year I'm not asking for something for the bike for Christmas. Kinda suprised the wife when she asked me what I wanted for the bike and I said "nothing". She thinks I'm done changing it, little does she know I'm just saving up to have some Hi Po motor work done. HaHa.
    By the way, thanks for the compliment.
  5. datura
    hi ! very nice ride finn ! i'll post a pic of mine, which is a suzuki 750 GSXR (1988 but almost nothing was kept in stock), hard to ride but worth it
  6. Finn
    Thanks Datura.
    A guy I work with has got a Gixxer.
    Post them pics.

  7. datura
    I've added a new album on my profile, called GSXR for you to see what I ride. Hope you'll like it !
  8. Finn
    Nice bike.
    How's the riding in France?

  9. datura
    well actually very popular ! the kind of bikes they ride depends a lot on the location. I live in the frech alps, near grenoble, surrounded by moutains so we see less HD than if i was living near the beach (but still, there are a few)
    The moutains also help in the hide & seek game with the police (oops)
    Unfortunately this place is also very cold in winter, famous for its ski station so most of us stop riding in october and start again when the snow melts and the sun is back.
  10. Finn
    I've read a lot of articles on riding in the Alps.
    Seems like a real nice place to test the grip of your tires.
    How are the conditions of the roads?
    Do you get a lot of potholes or do they know how to clear the snow properly over there?
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