Props I have built
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Props I have built

  1. crutherf
    I would like to use this thread for members to tell about themselves and the haunt props they've built or have planned.

    I am a mechanical engineer with a background in electrical systems and controls.

    I have built a number of "from scratch" props for home and professional haunts. These include:

    1) animatronic flying crank ghost
    2) infinity tunnels
    3) trashcan/grave "poppers" (electric and pneumatic with electric eye type actuation)
    4) Pepper's Ghost illusions (for pro haunts and home... these are my specialty)
    5) large scale "following eyes" illusions

    Props I would like to, or plan to build:
    1) Axworthy flying ghost
    2) more advanced/interactive Pepper's Ghost illusions (planing an interactive fortune teller 2013)
    3) vortex tunnel (started plans for a build of one this summer for 2013)
    4) front-yard graveyard (my wife and son are working on this for 2013)

    I'm big on the optical illusion props... I have lots of experience, and can help you formulate one.
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