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The Ghost Thread!

  1. Hilda
    Yea... the shape, the draping ~ everything about this is a really nice design.
  2. hallorenescene
    shadowbat, i think i scored one of your ghosts brothers today. $2.00 at a garage sale. i am so thrilled. i want to make a grouping of thirteen ghosts this year, now i have 12. just need one more. i was worried i wouldn't find any, now just one more. wish me luck
  3. hallorenescene
    hey shadow, i notice my cat has orange painted on the cats face and yours doesn't. does anyone know, did they put out two versions of these guys?
  4. Shadowbat
    Thats a great price for that blow mold. I wouldnt doubt that there was different paint schemes. Ive seen so many blow molds that are different in their paint apps.
  5. hallorenescene
    well, it's getting closer to halloween. i want to do a 13 ghost theme this year, but so far only have 12 ghosts. i keep saying i'm going to have to use a snowman, my daughter hates that idea. well, maybe i'll find that ghost yet. wish me luck.
  6. Hilda
    What ghosts do you have Hallo? Which ones are you still looking for?
  7. hallorenescene
    thanks, i'll check it out. remember the show jack, the ghost snowman that sees his son? i'll just put a sign in front of the snowman....Jacks ghost.
  8. hallorenescene
    my newest ghost
  9. hallorenescene

    here are my array of 13 ghosts
  10. hallorenescene
    thanks to someone who is a member here, i have a new Christmas ghost. hilda, i love him. thank you thank you thank you. he is twice as big as i thought he would be, all the better. i did get enough ghosts to do my number thirteen, so i think i will put him off to the side and have him for the start to the letter g. i will aim for a 13 g.
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