Haunted Trail.....FEAR
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    Default Haunted Trail.....FEAR

    Haunted Trail.....FEAR
    Ok my sadistic brothers and sisters in arms. My people have decided to drop the haunted house at the grade school and stick to the haunted trail ride. Either way i get to scare the %#$@ out of people so it doesn't matter to me. We have a trademark name "Twilight Trail" which is what we used last year, in the "twilight" like nighttime sense not the twilight movies. This year "Twilight Trail" will be presenting "FEAR" the ride of pure nightmares....he he he he. So any how I am doing a demented psychotic evil clown in a orange prison costume and was wondering if anyone had an ideal of an outdoor scene i could work on?????? Let me hear it my sick twisted lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have attached a pic of the prosthetic mask i will be using
    Attached Images Attached Images Haunted Trail.....FEAR-clown.jpg 
    remember it takes a twisted s.o.b. to scare the hell out of someone....................

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    Honestly clowns don't need a scene. They are creepier when you don't know why they are where they are. If you MUST do a scene, then I'd suggest using the clown in a place it definitely doesn't belong. Sorry I don't have any good ideas today (I only got 3 hours sleep)...

    What kind of space are we talking about for the scene? outdoors means you could do a sort of swamp/bog type of situation with that creepy clown standing all by himself in the middle holding a balloon... Low lighting, except for the clown. He should be well lit to draw attention. and then have something jump out and terrify your audience.... a different clown or something. ya know. People have a tendency to focus on one thing and not realize there is something scarier lurking, waiting.

    Just one of my lame thoughts...
    How many days do I have left?

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    How about a Prision Van turned over on its side, lots of steam. Downed Police & Clowns going Crazy! Like a Clown-Air instead of Con-Air. Maybe more police arriving, rushing to help holding people back.




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