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    hey this is my first time in any kind of forum, so bare with me. I just started collecting the lemax spooky town this year. So far I have a total of 21 pieces, which include 3 houses, some figures, trees, lights, and fountain, which is the piece I have a question on. I just purchased it about two weeks ago, pluged it in and loved the effect with the fog. Only problem now is, it isn't misting anymore. I guess my question is, is it broken or does the effect run out? Does something need recharging or should I return it? Anyone that can help I do appreciate it. Thanks

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    I'm guessing it is broke. I don't have that one though. Many of us here have the Lemax houses and love them when they work, but apparently they break down too frequently.

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    Good news! Your Fountain isn't Broken! Your water level is below the sensor. There's a sensor that when the water level gets lower than it, the fountain won't mist anymore. It's a pain because you have to refill it, so I don't run mine constantly anymore to avoid having to keep filling it. Also you should be using distilled water if possible otherwise you will get mineral build up and have to clean it. Not to sound mean but all this information is in the DIRECTIONS!




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