2013 Halloween at Kirklands
Hello there, is this your first visit?
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    Default 2013 Halloween at Kirklands

    No glory at HomeGoods this morning, but I did stop in at Kirklands. They had halloween all over the floor and were setting up. They apolgized for the mess but I thought it looked Wonderful! Shipment arrived this a.m. Got lots of pics and I have to say I really liked a number of items there. Some nice back lit artwork too. I like these lit works because you don't see tiny bulbs anywhere, the lighting is behind the canvas. I'll post photos later today so stay tuned!

    I did ask the clerks if what they had in the stores was also online and they said for the most part the answer is "no" but having seen what they got in and looking at their Halloween online items I do see alot of the same items. http://www.kirklands.com/

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    You tease!

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    Hey Miss Kitty I'm lucky I was able to get away from home! Workers here doing landscaping so it's hit or miss when I can leave. You guys are just task masters! LOL.

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    I completely understand! I have two little monsters.

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    2013 Halloween at Kirklands
    OK I have 23 photos (will do in 5 posts) that I am uploading now and posting in this thread. Here goes. I'll try to include prices in my photo album description.

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    I love all of that stuff! I wish more stores near me had such nice stuff :'(

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    2013 Halloween at Kirklands
    Set 2 of 5:

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    2013 Halloween at Kirklands
    Set 3 of 5:

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    2013 Halloween at Kirklands
    Set 4 of 5:

    These had a fabric ribbon that looked glittery but wasn't glitter. I liked that and less messy too. Plus the skull or skeleton lit up (battery).

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    2013 Halloween at Kirklands
    Set 5 of 5:

    Well that's all I took. The clerk said they probably would get in maybe 3 more trucks with halloween items from now until halloween. I can't stand the heavily scented fragrances in the store but love some of the decor items this year. Very stylistic and I didn't think pricing was bad. I like their lit pictures as you don't see light bulbs. I might go back and get that elegant ceramic pumpkin, really like it alot.


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