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    Those are some neat looking pins. We're actually in Okinawa, which is kind of like the backwater of Japan lol, but I'll keep my eyes open for them. There is one store we go to to look for used anime figures and they have lots of other things too, so I'll see if they have anything like that next time we're in there.

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    I love the Boney Bunch and want to get some this year.

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    Wow this thread got started early this year I also can't wait for boneys to come back!!

    I really hope they have another cat this year!! And good coupons to use on the boney party day! Last year i had a 25 off 45 coupon it was great.

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    Amazon has Mr. Bones Coynes
    Wicked Good Mug $14.99 Mr. Bones Trio Lantern $12.00 Mr. Bones Juggler $10.00

    Many Boney Bunch items

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    My favorite so far is the ferryman. I really enjoy the smaller designs. I can't wait to see the new ones for this year.
    You will drip rubies...My Friends, My Faithful Friends -Sweeney Todd

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    The Mr. Bones Trio Lantern for $12.00 is not the "glazed" one as shown but flocked version. The label on the lantern is Mr. Bones.

    Does anyone have the glazed one? 2008 BB "Flocked" was at YC flagship stores only. There is also a difference in the faces.

    2008 Mr. Bones Trio Lantern (Glazed NOT Flocked)
    Name:  2008 Mr. Bones TrioLlantern.jpg
Views: 1769
Size:  27.0 KB

    2008 BB Trio Lantern (Flocked)
    Name:  2008 BB Trio Lantern Flocked.jpg
Views: 2620
Size:  88.8 KB

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    I don't have any of the Mr. Bones collection right now, only some of the Boney Bunch pieces, but Personally I like the flocked version better than the glazed. I think it gives their clothing a more realistic appearance than having a shiny suit. Unfortunately, as I said, I do not have either version. Did you say the one on Amazon is the flocked version? In the picture it looks more like the glazed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanura03 View Post
    They usually have their Halloween stuff out in store the first Saturday in August and online a few days before that. As for the generic fall scents, they go online right after the summer semi-annual sale ends, usually around July 4th.
    It seems so far away! I'm already salivating for any tid bits of info on this years' line up. =) I've gotten spoiled by Lemax releasing pictures of the new SpookyTown stuff around my birthday (March 4th,) so it feels like Yankee makes us wait forever lol.
    I, too, found out about them in '09 when I randomly walked into a store and saw them, so if they had any preview party that year, I didn't know about it. And the past three years we've been stationed in Japan. BUT, we move back stateside in May and we'll be stationed in Connecticut, which is close enough to the flagship store in Mass for me to attend their preview party this year and I'm super stoked about it!!! =)

    whereabouts in CT, that's where we are

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    When I ordered the Amazon Mr. Bones Glazed version I received a Mr. Bones with label MB3009 Flocked.
    The mouths are different & the right head leans more on the YC BB version. Very strange.

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    Thanks for starting a new thread. I can't wait to see what they have this year. Hoping for the tricycle piece:-)


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