Help!! Need Dialysis pumpkin ideas
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    Default Help!! Need Dialysis pumpkin ideas

    HELP! Because I'm the big Halloween lover at work, I've been chosen to do our pumpkin for the hospital's contest. They want it related to our field which is dialysis. I'm no pumpkin carver, so I was hoping to decorate it instead of have to carve it. Any ideas? Dialysis is where we take the blood from patients, run it in tubes through a machine, clean it and send it back to the patient.
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    How about painting the pumpkin green, and making it a FRANKENKIN. Make some sort of steampunk prop, and have clear tubes filled with colored liquid running between the steampunk device and the pumpkin. If you want to be really ambitious, you could make a small jacob's ladder inside a glass jar or enclosure of some sort to accent the steampunk prop.
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    I like the frankenpumpkin idea too!

    A few jars around the pumpkin with funny colored liquids, you could even put tiny pumpkins in those.

    A few bottles of colored liquids, maybe you could add bubbles with an air pump? And some tubing with liquid running to the pumpkin.

    I love the Jacobs ladder idea, but I wouldn't know how to make that!

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    A small fountain/aquarium pump put into a red liquid with tubes going in & out would work.

    Fill a small plastic container with red liquid, put the small fountain/aquarium pump in it, attach a tube to the output, put the tube through the pumpkin or around the pumpkin or whatever configuration you'd like then bring it back into the container to recirculate. Those little Glad toss away containers would work, or any Tupperware type small stuff. Just make sure the pump is submerged completely in the liquid.
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    Pumpkin face, maybe worried? Tube 'pulling' (obviously static, but symbology) guts and seeds out into a 'machine' (jar of guts?), tube going from machine back to pumpkin sending clean seeds back in.

    Larger tubes (obviously?), I think you could get it to work by slitting them open up the "back" of the tub and stuffing the guts/seeds into them. You could orient both the 'dirty' seeds and the clean ones the same to give a sense of direction.
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