2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
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    Default 2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items

    Just got back from a CVS that had halloween props out. Some nice stuff this year. Among the things I saw:

    5 ft Pose-N-Stay Skeleton (same box as Costco's), 49.99
    3 ft Standing Bobble Head Butler with tray, eyes light up and jaw moves when he talks, sound activated, 3AAs included!, $29.99 (lowest price I've seen on this)
    3 pk Skull Stakes, with Try Me, lights up, sound, 19.99, the speaker sounded very clear when I tried it.
    30 in Hanging Skull, eyes light up, 19.99, two-varieties, one a reaper and the other with hair and a hat
    Musical animated Monster Mash plush characters, 2 varieties, they shuffle sideways to the music and sway, cute!
    Animated Flapping Ear Dogs, 2 varieties with different movement to the music, 14.99 I think, one a witch dog in a flaming cauldon, the other a dog in a pumpkin. Believe the music was different for each.
    Peanuts Halloween characters, 6.99 each, Charlie Brown dressed as a pirate, Snoopy and Woodstock pkgd together (pretty much just in simple masks), Lucy in a devil's hat, and Linus in Frankenstein green face mask and chains.
    The typical PMG masks, makeup, costumes, lighting.

    Those were the things that stuck out for me and I have pics I can post later tonight.

    BTW if you are a rewards member, your email should have an in-store 25% coupon you can use towards the purchase of 1 Item. Halloween isn't on sale yet so the coupon can be used on halloween mdse. right now. Coupon expires 9/10 BTW. Oh and don't forget to sign up for the double rewards program for purchases form like 9/16 thru maybe end of year, especially if you will be doing some halloween shopping at CVS so your purchases count double.

    There's also a free shipping offer and % off discount going on for online orders on their website that Velvet Vampire posted about. Halloween items including Skeleton (may be sold out), the butler and others are included online. This deal ends before midnight on 9/9. Check time zone btw for exact cutoff.

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    Thanks Spookie. Through signing up for the Extra Care card this morning online, I received a 20% off coupon for in-store use only that expires on 9/19. Any significant difference between the $30 Walgreens skelly and the CVS one other than poseability? I'd prefer realism over poseability if the Walgreens one looks more life-like.

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    Finally getting around to posting the pics mentioned above from CVS. BTW I received a rewards program email today with a coupon for 20% off, good thru Sun., 9/16.

    OOPS! Garthgoyle and ConjuredSoul were correct--see below. The 6 photos posted here (now removed) were from a visit to a very fully stocked Walgreens. Sorry for the confusion. I've reposted them to a Walgreens thread. The rest of the photos below are from 2 different CVS however.
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    2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
    More photos I had from CVS visits:

    Two versions of the Flapping Ears Dogs (larger version than Walgreens 9.99), 14.99 I believe.

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    2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
    And one last set of photos:

    Despite the stores setting out their halloween so late, there should be sales on some of the halloween items in the next few weeks. Hopefully you can get a feel for what the store from my pics. And some of these items are also available from CVS.com.

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    2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
    Just got back from my local CVS that finally has their halloween out. Saw a few different things. Descriptions and prices are in my photo album when available.

    My little store said that they received only 2 butlers (see earlier pics), 2 cocoons, and 6 of the 6 ft. bobble head reaper. No Pose-N-Stay skeletons!

    I was able to use my 20% off coupon on a butler (second one purchased, now I have twins for my haunt).

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    2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
    Some more photos. The manager said the Disney stuff was flying off the shelf.

    Not as much in this small store in the way of costumes but this lit LED hairband decoration was kind of neat looking I thought. Came in 3 colors and the lights alternated blinking on each side of the head.

    I mentioned these Lit Skulls before. They are a good size. Forgot they also came as a pumpkin. They are pretty heavy and I'm guessing made of a fired claylike material.

    And noticed that they had a compact 400 W fogger with included wireless remote on the shelf. Metal case too!

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    CVS looks very much like Walgreens this year, regarding both their offerings and the decent amount of merchandise; no complaints on either. Thank you for the pics, GoS.

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    Wow! Impressive for CVS. Better than Kmart or Walmart. I'll have to make a trip tomorrow and check it out. The closest one to us is a block away from a college and I think the college kids will clean them out of stuff.
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    2012 CVS Pharmacy Halloween Items
    Are you sure this isn't Walgreens?


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