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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaiden View Post
    Hi all
    Gotta few questions.......

    That 7 1/2' Gatekeeper is absolutely the right height for our cemetery considering it sits up on a hill a ways back from the road. Our fencing is 5' and the columns are over 6'. Just about every prop out there is way too small.

    My birthday is coming up and rather than some lousy piece of jewelry I'm picking out a few items on GR. Anyone else considering the Gatekeeper dude?

    I know it's $$$ and the equally -as-tall Giant Witch is about 1/2 the price. But she looks pretty flimsy, it's the plastic base set up. She also says outdoors ok in covered porch. Well we dont have a covered porch. Gatekeeper, on the other hand, says wooden base and nothing about covered area only.

    Just wondering if there are any opinions, observations, advice, words of wisdom etc from the fine folks here on the forum. I really like the looks/size of this guy but am wary to purchase so soon ie no reviews yet.
    I've bought a few life sized figures (usually on sale) and have, for the most part, been happy with them. The only complaint I had was with the mummy not having the same color bandages from top to bottom. All of the electrics have always worked. I like to err on the cautious side and ask myself, even if the lights/movement/sound breaks in a year or two would I still like the piece? So, I'm basically buying it for looks and if it continues to work over the years, I'm pleasantly surprised.

    I love this figure in particular, but I wouldn't put any of them outside (that's just me, I'm not saying they wouldn't be fine out there.)

    A lot of the figures from them are easy enough to assemble (wire frames that can be broken down into pieces.) It takes me about 30 minutes to set up one figure by myself. I'm sure it'd go faster if I had an extra pair of hands.

    I'm sure it'd look great outside in your grave yard, but maybe if you think it's gonna rain that day or night, bring the electrical components in....or take some garbage bags with rubber bands and cover him up temporarily.

    If you can wait a bit, there's a good chance you can catch some sort of discount so it's not so expensive.
    I always check two coupon websites before I buy anything on line to see if something's available that I don't know about....


    You just put in the name of the store and if there's a coupon out there, you'll usually see it on their site. Otherwise, make sure you've signed on
    for the newsletter/email list so they can send you discounts straight to you.

    Hope this helps!
    Let us know if you get it and how it looks in person.
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    Default Thanks!

    Hey Boo

    I appreciate your insight and for taking the time to reply.

    You are right, this wouldnt be good outside, maybe Halloween night itself and only IF the weather was decent (not too windy, not rainy/damp,not snowy.....) Up here in New Hampshire the weather generally sucks

    We have about seven latex props that we put out each day depending on the weather but do not leave them out all night. My husband works nights and when he comes home we pick them up and put them away in a backyard shed.

    So far (fingers crossed) the only thing stolen over the years has been a large rope spider that was hung between 2 trees near the road but I dont want to make it too tempting by leaving out the more expensive, and in some cases, irreplaceable props.
    This would just be another item we'd have to take down each night.

    As for indoors, well my house is older and the windows are not tall enough to display him. I have three of their static props and at that space is at a premium. We still have to assemble that Ultimate Animated Vampire I bought super cheap last Dec. Like you say, even if the animatronics fail the prop is still super creepy and was on sale.

    However........if a nice discount presents itself I will be all over that dude like a fly on ........ flypaper

    PS I do check the two coupon sites you mentioned
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