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    Post Gemmy Dr. Shivers

    Hi All, I am selling my 6 foot Gemmy Dr. Shivers. He has only been used once, bought years ago - and is still in his original box and in great shape. He works wonderfully, and comes with ALL of the original parts - the aux cable, microphone, ac plug - and his sensor is spot on (which creeps me out LOL)

    When unpacking him to set him up for pictures today, I noticed that there is some ticking that is happening when he moves his head (very faint), and the goo in his beaker has turned more of a brown color - but the lights and everything still work great. (I contacted Gemmy and they said that both of those things are normal with the age of the character, but are not anything showing breakdown or anything to worry about according to them)

    Dr. Shivers is a 2006 version not 2011, which means he comes with the AUX port and also a Microphone jack so you can use him for music or just creeping the heck out of people by talking through the microphone!!!! (the 2011 does not come with that ability)

    I would like to get $200 for him as I paid a pretty penny for him years ago, and I know he is rare. I have no idea how much shipping is, but if you live in the area (Illinois) and are willing to drive some, I am happy to meet up with you as we travel around the state and into Wisconsin off and on. I will be checking on shipping costs for him tomorrow, but figured I would see if anyone has any interest in him.

    He is a VERY neat character, and I could keep him, but my husband says I have too many Halloween props (can you ever have enough???) and that I need to clean out some of my stash

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    Please email me if you have any interest, if you do, I can email you video that I took of him. I can't seem to link my video on here, so here is a video of one that I found online.

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    He has been sold and sent to a good Home!!!!



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