Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale
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  1. Default Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale

    Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale
    Hello fellow members. I hope all of your Halloween projects are going well so far this year.

    I had a member request a specific mechanism from me a few weeks ago for a project he's working on and I thought I'd post it and see if anyone else would like one as well.

    I want to be honest here because I can not take credit for it's theory of operation. This mech is based off of's design. I basically just built it differently using a little different design and steel, and hopefully overall just a little bit better One thing I do know, is that mine is much more inexpensive, seeing I do this as a hobby, for the love of Halloween, and really don't make much off of my props.

    Here are links to's mech and how they use it:

    Attached are pics and videos of mine:

    My "Jumper" mech has a heavy duty 4" x 1 1/2" x 2ft steel channel for the base, a similar 4" x 1 1/2" x 6" channel on the top, and 1" square steel legs. I've used iron reinforced, oil-impregnanted bronze bushings for the pivots, grade 5 hardware, a double acting 1 1/2" bore x 8" stroke air cylinder, a 24vdc pneumatic valve, adjustable flow controls for adjusting the speed at which it goes up and down, and I am also including a 24vdc power adaper and pressure pad. In the low postion, the top of throw bar is 20" off the ground, and in the high position, the height is 40" off the ground. All you need to do is mount it to something secure, add your prop, plug it in, connect air pressure and you're ready to go. I can suggest some different routes you can go as far as adding sound and programming it if you want...just ask!

    The cost of my "Jumper" mech is $350 which includes everything I stated above and shipping to the lower 48 states.

    Here are the videos:

    YouTube - Halloween Jumper Mechanism

    YouTube - Halloween Jumper Ghoul

    YouTube - Halloween Jumper Ghoul behind Bushes
    Attached Images Attached Images Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale-p1040079.jpg Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale-p1040082.jpg Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale-p1040085.jpg Pneumatic "Jumper" mech for sale-p1040090.jpg 

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    Ok, so I know only a couple of days have passed since I originally posted this, but seeing that I'm impatient and could really use the money to fund some of my OWN Halloween projects, AND we all know how Halloween is going to be here before we know it!, I've decided to drop the price now, instead of after Halloween. Here's what I'm offering;

    "Jumper" mech, complete with cylinder, valve and speed controls= $275

    Power adapter and pressure pad option= additional $35

    This price includes shipping to the lower 48 states.

    PM me if interested.

    Thanks and Happy Halloween!


    p.s. Feel free to check out my older threads to see that I am for real.

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    Just a note that I bought from Sam last year and he shipped promptly and I what I received was exactly what he advertised. I would buy from him again without reservation!
    I wish everyone was as kind as creepycathy!

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    Thanks tekcor! It's always a pleasure. I hope everything is going well so far this year...

  7. Default Last one!!

    3 sold and my final "jumper" mech for the season is near completion... FYI

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    Boxed and ready to ship!!!



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    Got my mech today, AWESOME work...can't wait to attach the spider and get to work programming my picoboo, thanks Sam!

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    Slammer mechs are gone...

    I'm currently doing some custom work for another member...

    and with 26 days til Halloween...time is almost gone...

    This one last "jumper" mech is all I have left for the year!

    Thank you,





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