Greetings fellow haunters,

In keeping with the rules of Halloween Forum, we can only post once a month to announce / advertise our new products.

Well it has been over a month and we have some great news for "home" haunters and have SEVERAL new products to announce that are sue to be some great additions to your haunts this Halloween season.

"Professional Visual FX quality Pro Haunters expect ... for a home haunters budget!"

As follow-ups to our #1 BEST SELLERS - AXE KILLER and PSYCH WARD: D-BLOCK we have created more products that will work / run in the same great door prop.


NURSE ESCAPE DVD brings a terrifying new experience to your haunted attraction / home haunt at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to create the scenario yourself.

This incredible DVD adds the life-like illusion of a frantic hospital / asylum nurse trying get out of the "psych ward" where mental patients have gotten loose. Her escape attempt is short lived when a sole mental patient (the Axe Killer) comes up behind her and slams her face right into the window in the door. The glass shatters and cracks and blood splatters all across the remaining glass window. But it doesn't end there ... the mental patient then tries to get through the door himself by turning the door handle.




This incredible DVD is completely packed with FOUR (4) different disturbed "patients" with multiple playback features. You can loop 1 particular character or set up the DVD to run all 4 one after another, constantly changing the playback within your prop with each guest that sets it off. This is our biggest title yet with so much packed onto 1 DVD, and the most "scare" for your buck! If you have an asylum / mental ward theme to your haunt this year, this is the product to get!

“SHADOW KILLER: VOLUME 1” DVD gives you the frightening illusion for your professional or home haunt this Halloween season.

While a beautiful woman gets ready for bed, a knife wielding killer sneaks up behind her and ruthlessly stabs her in the chest until she drops ... dead!

Filmed with real actors in HD (High-Definition) video, and using the best in Hollywood special effects, this DVD creates a realistic imagery your guests will never forget! They will feel like they’re witnessing and experiencing the real thing!

Simply set up a screen or sheet in a window and using a standard LCD projector behind it and any DVD player, you will have a terrifying illusion that would be next to impossible to create on your own or with "actors". You can also project this video on a wall or any way you want in your haunt. The DVD video will loop over and over with no maintenance or hassle.

For the more "family-friendly" haunts, we have included a "NON-BLOOD / BLOODLESS" version of the playback video on the same DVD. SHADOW KILLER: VOLUME 1 is just as effective without the BLOOD!


In addition, we have added a whole bunch of new adhesive sticker "SIGNS" to decorate your haunt with: ZOMBIE CONTAINMENT AREA signs, BIOHAZARD signs, RESTRICTED ACCESS signs, and more!

But it doesn't end there ...

We have just completed a whole new line of production of ZOMBIE and terrifying GHOST products that will knock your socks off and give some great looking illusions for your haunt in TRU-HD and SD format!

Here is a sneak peak at the full sized HD (High Definition) samples:

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