These are the first two papercrafts that my close friend, Chris Drummonds
and I have been collaborating on.They're paper pet zombies.

This is a papertoy Chris and I created from scratch:
- I created preproduction sketches and colored the template.
- Chris engineered the foldable template (by hand, no automated software) interpreting the concept sketches
- We both Overlooked and directed the finished product.

These are all printed on a matte stock, a slightly lighter stock than a business card.
Then the best part? It's all cut precisely by laser. They pop right out of the sheets, and all you do it assemble. Eveverything you need is included.

We love zombies and animals... so it was easy to want to combine the two. Let us know
what you guys think! Definitely looking forward to
seeing what a halloween-fan community thinks!

Salivini the zombie dog
Zombie Dogs and Zombie Bears for sale!-salivini_zoom.jpg

Roarmero the zombie grizzly
Zombie Dogs and Zombie Bears for sale!-roarmero_zoom.jpg