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  1. 2016 Yankee Candle Halloween Thread sightings

    2016 Yankee Halloween/Boney sightings

    Mayor of Haddonfield 8.10.2016

    Quote Originally Posted by Mayor of Haddonfield View Post
    Here's the first 4!

    New Catalog Boney Pics @Boney Bunch Love FB


    grim gravely 2.7.2016:

    Quote Originally Posted by grim gravely View Post
    Here is a little teaser picture of what Yankee has coming

    Updated 08-20-2016 at 09:23 AM by Ween12amEternal

  2. Halloween Themes - Various & discussions

  3. Spring Conundrum

    It's spring again. Breezes are just a slight bit warmer. The sun beams down a little more strongly. And the call of the overstuffed bins in my basement gets a little bit louder. Yep, it's that time again. Time to start weeding through my Halloween decor collection and deciding what might find a new home at the local thrift store.

    But therein lies my trouble: going to that thrift store. Because, right now, everyone is spring cleaning, and their discards and cast-offs don't ...
  4. New Warning To Put On A Car's Sun Visor

    "Children should never be allowed to hold, unwrap or otherwise handle Mary Janes in an automotive vehicle under any circumstances as said confection could become lodged in the fabric or carpeting of the vehicle.

    It is further encouraged that children should not at any time be allowed to even breathe near the car's interior for the express reason that they will, by their very presence, automatically cause severe depreciation and damage to said vehicle.

    Any questions, ...
  5. Cruisin' to Christmas

    So nice...ah, not having to worry about getting a prop finished on time. Not having to worry about costumes or candy, electric bills or vandals. It's all about family - let someone else sweat the decor.

    Nope. Just throw up some lights on the trim, put out the inflatable polar bear and the blow mold Santas (of which there are seven) and wait for the snow and the ole elf himself.

    So 'scuse me while I grab a cup of hot chocolate and relax on the couch, 'cuz nothings ...
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