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Halloweeny Art at KC Art Museum

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Finally was able to drag the hubby to our art museum in Kansas City called the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. It's a first class museum and if you are ever in town - you may want to spend a few relaxing hours there. This visit I found myself gravitating to the Halloweeny-looking art items and thought I'd share them here.

First though, here is a couple iconic shots of the museum because you may recognize it:

This picture is in front of the contemporary section:


So anyways, here's the art that grabbed the Halloween part of the brain:

This is a Van Gogh and what a depressing portrait.

Painted by Kirchner. Not on purpose but looks like a vampire to me. There is a very, very dark story to this artist. Him and several other artists that will be in this thread belonged to a group of artists that had the unfortunate timing to be painters in Nazi Germany. Kirchner was branded a degenerate artist and 600 of his works were destroyed and he was outlawed from further painting. He committed suicide a year later.

Painted by Beckmann titled Baccarat. Isn't it brooding? Especially the way the dealer is holding the Baccarat spade like it's a sword over the woman's head. Beckmann was also declared a degenerate artist in Nazi Germany. Many of his works were destroyed as well as not being allowed to paint any longer.

Painted by Emil Nolde. These are masks but the one in the lower right was of an actual shrunken head. heh. Nolde was another of the German artists that was labeled a degenerate but ironically he was an early supporter of the Nazi's.

These Spanish grave site covers were made in 1487. They are a husband and a wife.

This is a tombstone the Greeks made. They were very much into cemetery decorations like we are now.

Well, what museum isn't complete with a sarcophagus?

Didn't realize it but sarcophagus' were contained in an actual coffin.

Here's the mummy that was in it. The bandage weaving is amazing.

Some of the burial jewelry worn by King Tut.

Oh yeah, time to bring on Anubis - God of Cemeteries

Didn't catch the artist's name but wow! - are there some sinister characters in this scene. Even the dog is growling at you.

Great example of memento mori used in art. Many art works that included celebrations or extravagance was tempered by a symbol of memento mori (remember that you will die). Here you see the bust of death on the mantle.

Carved form ivory and the detail of the angels casting out the demons from heaven is extraordinary. In fact - here's a close-up....


A personal note from me: While we were visiting I was celebrating the success of reaching my goal of losing (hate to admit this) 50 pounds that was set last June. Saw this and told the hubby he had to take my picture in front of her.

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween tour at the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum.

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  1. VGhoulson's Avatar
    Looking great Terra!!!! Good for you!
  2. HallowSusieBoo's Avatar
    HALLOW TERRA! I had been unable to spend much time on HF - all consuming activity with moving my folks into downsized independnt living. I knew I needed a kick start to regenerate my Hallow-vibe, so naturally I thought immersing myself in the Land of Terra would get the grey matter charged up for Halloween 2013. Your blog does the trick!

    What a fantastic sojourn to the museum and you found some truly creepy inspirations for new Halloween projects. I can only imagine how these works of art will inspire your endeavors in the future! Thanks for sharing. And good job on the healthy weight loss! BOO!