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It was bigger this year! I didn't see huge new stand-out props BUT the vendors took existing ideas and ramped it up to level 11. It was awesome. As usual made a highlight video which is the best way to get an overview of the show:

My favorite prop of the show was The Thing-type monster grabbing at the girl on the table. Made by Dark Raven Designs. $3,650

Notes from the video:
:40 - Attack Zombies: They really looked like a zombie attacking. Made by VFX Creative Studios. Didn't catch the price.
1:06 - Poison Props: They rocked it this year. Every prop was drop-your-drink scary.
2:25 - Creepy Crawlies 2: Great illusion using a projector and the new DVD from AtmosFEARfx. $40
2:47 - Stuart Smith was at the show and was able to talk at length with him. Great guy and the top blacklight artist. He finally got his new website up for his company, Stuartizm Designs LLC.
3:24 - HauntTactics: Really, really want this costume! Little over a $1,000
5:16 - those are vacuform slat panels. Made by ImaginArt Studios
5:25 - Iron Kingdom gets the prize for scare-the-hell-outta me at the show. Didn't catch it on tape but came back around and had him do it again. Love this idea. He also had a basket of laundry, pizza boxes, cat litter tray... Thinking of getting one of these. Just have to design what theme to use. Probably have to be custom. $350 - $450
6:04 - HazardRoom Studios has even more VacuForm panels including a clear window that you can paint with transparent colors to get a stained glass look.
6:15 - Dead House Design's zombie mirror was really fun to stand in front of. No idea how much it costs - but probably a lot, LOL!
8:22 - The jaw dropper of the show - ScareFactory's zombie shooting gallery. Oh, was it cool. The video doesn't show it but as you are shooting, you're getting blasted with air cannons. So it's like the zombies are firing back. Fun!

Ok picture time! These were props better shown as a picture that looked cool or great idea:

Sunstar industries is like a Wal-Mart of Halloween goodness. Loved their decor accents. #1 is called a Swamp Curtain - looks great as a haunt wall layer - $8.50, #2 not sure if they sell the barbed wire in a net form but cool idea!. #3 is called Swamp Freaky Camouflage for $15. #4 is called Spooky Stretchable Spider Web Kit and it's made of stuff never seen before. Kind of like pantyhose material with an outer layer of silky gray threads. Looked great but didn't catch the price.

New VacuForm panels from NightScream Studios. See the crypts on the far left side of the picture and the vampire? Vacuform. The farm theme is a great idea too.

So far the big purchase at the show. Called Monster Eyes made by LightsAlive. No, not a whiz bang prop but I think this could have a lot of uses. Those eyes randomly blink on and off in blue and green. When you set off the infrared sensor - it turns angry red. Gonna make a wall of these this year. They also said you could have them under a table or up in the rafters... $259

This is just the coolest idea for a home haunt that has a waiting line like we do. They had a bunch of games. Made by Brothers Grim Games.

Wanna volcano for your haunt? Made by Nethercraft. They also had a matching actor's rock costume that he could be waiting right along side it. They'd never see him coming. The costume is $650

These are LED Outdoor Stake Lights made by Scare Products. $15 - $17.

Walked by this booth several times until I just asked - what are these? Glad I did. They are T8 fluorescent bulbs that the ballast is made in such a way that you can hang them from the ceiling or have them upright in a stand. These would be helpful in the corners of the haunt where it gets tough to squirrel a light in there. Heck, you could just have them in the corner on the floor. They were about $30 and also came in blacklight. Called Dainostix made by Seasonal Source.

How about a CO2 gun that fires at people at 300psi? Called the Pyro Cannon made by Shot in the Dark Scare Tools. Didn't catch the price.

Eying this little lady made by Midnight Studios hard. Whadda think? Called the Ghost Flying Prop - $500 Oh, see that Demon Dog head to the left? WICKED!

Neat stuff here. Called Brutal Rust which is where it has real metal in it and you activate it and it becomes real rust. This formulation is thicker and grimes items up at the same time. The whole booth at Pale Night was covered in the stuff and looked fantastic. Made by Pale Night Productions and was $120 for a gallon kit.

Loved this booth. They make stickers and also mounts them on boards and grimes them up. Also had terrific saw blade wall props. Made by Sinister Signs:

Isn't that the coolest entry gate for a home haunt? Made by GAG Studios - didn't catch the price.

Immortal Masks caught my attention last year with the detail they had put into their vampire masks. Well, they certainly topped their attention to detail with their creativity this year. Notice the bird beaks, teeth ripping the face in half and the swirly mouth. WOW!

Yeah, I know I get a picture of Dark Raven Design's spider in every year - but isn't that a cool way to mount it? $300

This is another VacuForm panel from HazardRoom Studios but didn't come out good in the video. But, great panels for you POTC haunters.

Get asked all the time to paint blacklight panels for people but here's a company that made a business doing exactly that. They were around $150 each panel. Not bad! Made by 6 Feet Under.

Jumped for joy when this was discovered. Fluorescent Haunt Moss!!!! Made by Pure Terror Products. Probably will be getting a bunch of this. $100 each.

One other buy would be that cute little table monster in the video. I just want him as the pet in the workshop. heheh.

As always, I have loads of catalogs if you want me to look up something. There's lots of video on the cutting room floor that I could post if you want to see something else. Made a new minor YouTube channel for little cuts of video. Also, feel free to fire way with questions. Be glad to help out.

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  1. christopherson's Avatar

    This summary of the show is great. Even though Pam and I were there the whole time, I didn't see 1/3 of this stuff. That's the breaks for being tied to our booth.

    I signed up for the forum today and look forward to being an active participant.

  2. hauntcrazy's Avatar
    I looked at the website for Dead House Designs. That zombie mirror is not on their site. Did you get any more information on it?
  3. creeperguardian's Avatar
    does 6 Feet Under have a site?