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  1. 10 Days Till Halloween

    10 Days Till Halloween

    Here’s what’s left … the “Classical” music, which is a little intimidating thanks to “The 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music”. A couple of audiobooks like “War of the Worlds” and “The Thing on the Doorstep”. The Midnight Syndicate / Nox Arcana folder. The “Mixes from Miscellaneous Blogs” folder, containing Halloween mixes that bloggers released, but they never did it more than once. Old Timers (pre-60’s music), which I will hit next week ...
  2. Almost here!!!

    Less then two weeks till the big day!!!

    Prop building is winding down, with only final touches to be made on this years new props. As stated in previous entries, there are some new props being added (pneumatic). The pneumatic system for the motion props got a complete revamping with a new control board and electronics from Fright Ideas (BooBox Max and motor controllers). All the programing is complete and beta testing should be finished on Tuesday. Set up will commence fully this
  3. 13 Days Till Halloween

    13 Days Till Halloween

    Lost a few days in there … gotta get caught up!

    Haunted House (1985)
    From the Haunted House Music Company, 2 Crypt Way, Eerie USA. Cute. This one opens with a 13-1/2 minute music- and sound-filled “Trip Through the Haunted House” … witches cackles, eerie music, crashes and bangs, screaming. Lots of the same laughs, roars, etc. that I’ve heard on other old sound effects albums. Followed by shorter tracks of just the sound ...
  4. 17 Days Till Halloween

    17 Days Till Halloween

    Oh man, I’m really running out of time. Still getting through these mashup CDs which are OK in small doses but more than one CD back-to-back is a little rough.

    Monster Mash-Up - Texas Chainsaw Mashacre (2011)
    I like all the cute titles for these mashup CDs… once they exhausted the path given by “Bride of” and “Son of” (no “Ghost of” or “Hand of”?), they’ve done a nice job since. This one (a 2 CD set) is more of the same ...
  5. 1875 Danse Macabre by Sainte Saens + 1969 Halloween by Kay and Wade Denning = <3

    This isn't my usual fare here, but I love it so that I must post it. I'm usually only interested in pre-1960 vintage, but these are exceptional.

    The song, Halloween, from the 1969 album, "Halloween: Games, Songs and Stories" by Kay and Wade Denning is a classic. The song H-A-LL-O-W-EE-N is well loved and was used in this beautifully rendered stop motion video.

    What many do not know is that the tune is from 1875- ...
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