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  1. Fab Tattoo Artist 2

    Fab Tattoo Artist 2 is a Other game on racing-games.com which you can you online for free. Fab Tattoo Artist 2 is a game with 5 levels.

    Fab Tattoo Artist Features:
    - 15 Demanding Customers
    - 50+ Unique Tattoos
    - 20+ Colors
    - Exclusive Freestyle Mode
    - Awesome Face Paint Mode
    - Simple Gameplay

    You ...
  2. Game Home Sheep Home

    Home Sheep Home] is a physics platform game about sheeps. Mission of Home Sheep Home is to guide Shaun the Sheep and his friends back to the barn. Control a jumbuck with arrow keys and switch between Shaun, Shirley and Timmy with a click on the corresponding icon.

    Join Shaun, Timmy and Shirley as they journey through over 60 levels of underground caverns, busy London ...
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  3. Hit the Troll IN Friv4-game for kid!

    Hit the Troll
    Play this funny physics-based puzzle game, in which you have to kick all troll faces off the platform. For this launch one of the given three balls, whereat each one has its own skill. Enjoy Hit the Troll.

    Your mission in this silly point and click physics puzzle game is to knock off the blocks with troll faces on them! Select a kind of ball ...
  4. Online Group

    Well there has been some behind the scenes talk about maybe starting the online building group again. It was a good idea even tho it had its share of problems. Of course that always happens when starting something brand new, but as time went on it came more & more together. Most important is what we learned in running it.

    Then I got sick & things just didn't stay together, it was a lot of work, but fun work. So along came 2012 & once again we tried to make another ...
  5. I'm still kicking!!

    Really not sure about kickin' there, can't feel my feet at all, have to have a peek down there every now & then to make sure they are still there. Have not drove in 6 yrs. & a couple of months ago Jerry asked if I thought I could follow him to the garage down the road. We live in the country so I thought I could try it. Oh My....what a bad idea that was.
    Cannot feel anything or even judge changing pedals. I have to look down there & see what my feet are doing. It was scary, I ...
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