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  1. Hunter's Moon Tombstone: Tutorial

    Hunter's Moon tombstone was made for my latest Secret Reaper victim Lisa48317. On her like list was black cats. That sounded like fun and also an opportunity to try out some fluorescing effects on a tombstone.

    Made a video that will help you loads in visualizing the steps needed to make this stone. Please watch:

  2. Another haunt come and gone

    Sadly Halloween 2013 has come and gone, but that means planning and construction can begin!
    For 2014, we are wanting to expand on the "rooms" theme that we started this year. We are hoping to build a large 12x18 ft structure that will contain 6 individual rooms. Each of these rooms will have a different theme (butcher shop, mortuary...). There will be three rooms on each side and you will be able to walk around the structure to experience each room. Also included will be user actuated
  3. Happy Halloween!

    Happy Halloween!

    I didn’t listen to anything too particular. I have some music files that aren’t parts of albums with various “whatever” songs that I wanted to hear, and so I listened to those. Among them:

    David Arkenstone’s “The Palantir” from the album “Music Inspired by Middle Earth”
    The Buoy’s “Timothy”
    John Cale’s “Heartbreak Hotel”
    Jonathan Coulton’s “Re: Your Brains”
    Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand”
    Sabres of Paradise “”Haunted ...
  4. 1 Day Till Halloween!

    1 Day Till Halloween!

    I can already feel the post-Halloween blues comin’ on. I listened to about all the spooky stuff that I could, but I’m not sure I caught enough old (or new) scary movies. Maybe I can catch a couple more of those this weekend. I caught 1960’s “House of Usher” on TCM, watched a Hammer or two, and the “Evil Dead” remake was pretty intense. Also watched some non-traditional Universal horror … “Mad Made Monster”, “Cult of the Cobra”, “Tarantula”, ...
  5. 2 Days Till Halloween

    2 Days Till Halloween

    Mort Garson - Black Mass - Lucifer (1971)
    An early electronic classic.

    Oh, I forgot … I need to listen to these radio shows! That should give me a good overview of all the great Halloween songs.

    Dr. Demento - Demented Halloween Radio Show (1984)
    Not sure where I found this, but I love it. I was 12 at the time, and I suspect I listened to this show which was featured on the nearby Top 40 station on ...
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