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  1. Ideas For Scary Creations That Are Easy To Make and People Will Pay Top Dollar For!

    by , 07-31-2014 at 12:48 AM (Ideas On How to HORR-IFY The World Through Your Scary Creations... & Make Cash Too!)
    Hello Wicked Friends!

    I am an avid collector of all things scary and also a creator... and I love making realistic horror dolls, fantasy characters and figurines, custom costumes and the like. I have sold items to people all over the world who collect similar items... and bought the items I made these creations from, for pennies (sometimes dollars). I wanted to start a page where people can share their scary creations and cool Halloween projects. And I also want to share my own ideas ...
  2. It's been a while

    As you can see it's been a while (about 6 months) since my last blog entry. It's been a bit of a roller coaster year for me. My dad suddenly passed away back in January and that really took the wind out of my sails as far as Halloween work went. He was my main helper with all things Halloween and his presence will surely be missed but not forgotten.

    Back in April I ventured back to the shop to get my head back into things; and we're off to a good start. As per my last post, I am still
  3. "Truth" found within "Fiction"?

    She had laid in their bed for two weeks now.
    She laid as if getting up had forgotten how
    He loved her and her only
    He loved her hotly and even coldly.
    Her work wasn't done, it piled up higher
    He loved her much, with his own desire
    Not borrowed from a book
    Nor copied from a movie
    His heart felt movements
    When she would give him her "look"
    He began washing dishes
    Changing water of her fishes
    Sweeping ...
  4. Hunter's Moon Tombstone: Tutorial

    Hunter's Moon tombstone was made for my latest Secret Reaper victim Lisa48317. On her like list was black cats. That sounded like fun and also an opportunity to try out some fluorescing effects on a tombstone.

    Made a video that will help you loads in visualizing the steps needed to make this stone. Please watch:

  5. Another haunt come and gone

    Sadly Halloween 2013 has come and gone, but that means planning and construction can begin!
    For 2014, we are wanting to expand on the "rooms" theme that we started this year. We are hoping to build a large 12x18 ft structure that will contain 6 individual rooms. Each of these rooms will have a different theme (butcher shop, mortuary...). There will be three rooms on each side and you will be able to walk around the structure to experience each room. Also included will be user actuated
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