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  1. Get Your Costume On!

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  2. 77 Days Till Halloween

    77 Days Till Halloween

    Shifting gears yet again … hate to say it, but a 2.5 months away from Halloween and I’m already starting to OD on this music. If I make a drastic shift, maybe I’ll be alright. So, we’ll try the Rockabilly folder. Which is pretty much just the same 50’s and 60’s surf music, only done by more recent artists. So maybe I won’t last that long. Let’s find out!

    Creepniks - Graveyard Shindig (2005)
    Pretty solid album here. With ...
  3. 78 Days Till Halloween

    78 Days Till Halloween

    More ghost stories …

    Ball Records - 2 Complete Halloween Ghost Stories (1963)
    I get a little kick out of this one. It opens with a narrator (standing a little too close to the microphone) talking about Halloween night and some odd ceremony – it doesn’t make much sense. The second track is about a bunch of kids investigating a haunted house, and the last is a re-telling of the Frankenstein story.

    Basil Rathbone ...
  4. 79 Days Till Halloween

    79 Days Till Halloween

    More mixes! Picking up where we left off:

    Dartman's Halloween Special (2009)
    This time, Dartman distributed his mix as one long mp3. I like it … you get better flow from one track to the next … but there’s no track listing that I’ve ever found. A few repeats from the previous year’s mix here. I like that he added some background noise to the tracks … so you faintly hear screams or wind during the songs … makes it kinda ...
  5. 80 Days Till Halloween

    80 Days Till Halloween

    Going to listen to more of the mixes I’ve found on various blogs and websites.

    Best Ever Halloween Party Album (2009)
    Ambitious title. This mix has several fun and obscure tracks … some of which I’ve never heard anywhere else.
    • The theme from “Growing Pains”, re-written to sound like “The Monster Mash” for their Halloween special
    • “Crypt Jam” from Cryptkeeper (the one from “Tales From the Crypt”)