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  1. Dolls, dolls and more dolls!!!

    Well here we are, six days till Halloween...EXCELLENT! I find my self doing last minute prop work and decorating touch ups. As the title states, I have been working on dolls for my "dolls of the damned" display. I have been hard at work painting and decorating dolls, but unfortunately I haven't acquired nearly the number of dolls I wanted. When I decided to do a "creepy doll" display, I was hoping to amass between 50-100 dolls. Sadly, I don't even have 20. Finding dolls doesn't ...
  2. Bloody Guts: Tutorial

    What do you do when you have a 1/4 can of Great Stuff left? Make some guts of course!

    Here's a video to let you see the perfect marriage of Great Stuff and Perma-Blood:

    Materials Needed:
    Partial can of Great Stuff
    Plastic painter's tarp
    Perma-Blood: ...
  3. Pneumatics Complete...Yeay

    Another successful day in the Halloween workshop has come to an end. Today I finishes my last pneumatic prop for this years haunt. This prop is a "pop up" reaper that rises from inside a wooden column on a pneumatic cylinder. This prop took a lot longer then I originally thought, as I had to had fabricate the mounts for the cylinder from scratch (well I actually fabricated them from steel channel not "scratch" ). The reaper I used was an inexpensive model from Wal-mart (I think ...
  4. Halloween Hits by Dan Augustine

    The latest "Halloween Hits" compilation by Dan Augustine is ready ... NOW GO GET IT!
    Halloween HIts 2012!
  5. Toe Pinchers Finished!

    With a little over a month away from "the big day", I just finishe the second of two "toe pincher" coffins. The second is not an animatronic piece like the first, but has a "corpsed" skeleton in it, complete with webbing and lighting. It will be part of the static display.

    And with time ticking away, i'm moving away from the construction phase of things to adding finishing touches to all my projects. Although I may try and get a couple more tombstones