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  1. 65 Days Till Halloween

    65 Days Till Halloween

    Continuing with mixes I’ve found on the intarwebs …

    Last Minute Till Midnight
    Here’s a set of four CDs shared by forum member “talkingcatblues”. Disc 1 is mostly 30’s – 50’s big band tunes with a few blues songs sprinkled in. Familiar songs mostly, but there are a few nice rarities. I really like Disc 1. Discs 2, 3, and 4 are mixes of doo-wop from the late 50’s, early 60’s, some garage rock from the early to mid 60’s, and ...
  2. 66 Days Till Halloween

    66 Days Till Halloween

    Let’s finish off Dan Augustine’s terrific series of “Halloween Hits” compilations …

    I’d written little blurbs about each of the Halloween Hits compilations 4 through 9, but each blurb sounded like the last blurb so I decided to combine my blurbs into one big megablurb that hopefully summarizes all the little blurbs. So … Halloween Hits 4 – 9 … most of them start with some insanely weird track. There are usually a couple oldies ...
  3. 69 Days Till Halloween

    69 Days Till Halloween

    More Ghost Story tasty goodness …

    First, finished up “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”, read by Christopher Lee. Wonderful. His descriptions of the gruesome state of the victims is well-delivered. (I’m sure it was a little TOO descriptive at the time of its writing … Poe was one twisted fella.) This is widely regarded as the first detective story, a precursor to the great detective stories featuring Poirot and Holmes.
  4. 70 Days Till Halloween

    70 Days Till Halloween

    Let’s start over … back to the Ambient folder!

    Fredrik Klingwall - The Resilience (2008)
    Fredrik Klingwall - Epitome Of The False Dichotomy (2009)

    Klingwall is a Swedish musician who is in a couple bands, but his solo work is experimental/classical/electronic. The music is very good – you’d expect to hear this kind of music in horror movie scores. Lots of piano, lots of strings – very dark and moody. Reminds me ...
  5. 71 Days till Halloween

    71 Days till Halloween

    Ruth White - Seven Trumps from the Tarot Cards (1968)

    Early electronic weirdness from one of its pioneers. White made extensive use of the Moog synethesizer to generate these unusual sounds. It’s all instrumental and was composed as the score for a dance performance. This one isn’t bad, but for truly great weirdness from Ruth White, you have to go to …

    Ruth White - Flowers of Evil (1969)

    Another one ...