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  1. 45 Days till Halloween

    45 Days till Halloween

    Continuing through the “Kids” folder, though I don’t know how much of it I can take.

    DJ's Choice - Halloween Dance Party Vol 11 (2002)
    Not a lot of information out there on this one. About a half-hour of music geared toward little ones. Most of the tunes are borrowed from popular songs … “Black and Hairy Spider” instead of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, “It’s Halloween Night” to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”. There are some brief ...
  2. 48 Days till Halloween

    48 Days till Halloween

    Onward through the Kids folder, though with Friday the 13th maybe I should be doing something scarier? Nah.

    Demon Music Group - Ultimate Halloween Party (2006) – Leads off with the 2nd worst rendition of “Thriller” I’ve ever heard. (The worst was done by a German group that sounded like they were singing over a karaoke track.) This one – first, there is NO SINGING. The lyrics are spoken by a guy that is supposed to be scary, but ...
  3. 49 Days till Halloween

    49 Days till Halloween

    Onward through the Novelty folder. Yikes … Just did a little scan of my folders, and I’ve only listened to about one-third of them. Dang. To speed things up, I might actually skip tracks I’ve heard at least 3 times already. Except Monster Mash.

    Goodman and Ramal - The Monster Album (1964) – This has some old favorites like “Monster Mash” and “Purple People Eater”, along with some modified pop songs like “Blood and Butter” and ...
  4. 50 Days till Halloween

    50 Days till Halloween

    Halfway there! I’ll pull over quick and take a look at which of my Halloween folders I’ve listened to and what remains unheard …
    • Ambient – Listened to most of it
    • Book and Record Sets – Haven’t touched it
    • Classical – Haven’t touched it
    • Ghost Stories – maybe 40% done
    • Gothic – None (this is Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana)
    • Kids – None
    • Miscellaneous Music – DONE
    • Miscellaneous ...
  5. 51 Days till Halloween

    51 Days till Halloween

    Today, only two more of Reverend Frost’s mixes, which just get better and better.

    Part 16 (2010) –The Fuzztones do a nice cover of Round Robin’s “I’m the Wolfman”, the Trashwomen cover “Dragula”. Also a big band version of “The House is Haunted”. There are more songs I haven’t heard before, like “Raiders From Outer Space”, “Save It For the Vampires”, and “Now I’m Feeling Zombified”. There are two soundtrack pieces that sound a ...