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  1. Halloween Hits by Dan Augustine

    The latest "Halloween Hits" compilation by Dan Augustine is ready ... NOW GO GET IT!
    Halloween HIts 2012!
  2. Toe Pinchers Finished!

    With a little over a month away from "the big day", I just finishe the second of two "toe pincher" coffins. The second is not an animatronic piece like the first, but has a "corpsed" skeleton in it, complete with webbing and lighting. It will be part of the static display.

    And with time ticking away, i'm moving away from the construction phase of things to adding finishing touches to all my projects. Although I may try and get a couple more tombstones
  3. Improved! Painting 3D Haunt Panels: Tutorial

    A new and improved tutorial on how to paint 3D haunt panels. This shows a faster and easier way to get the job done. Here's one of the sets all completed - the HellGrowth Room:

    Please watch the video tutorial for a thorough visual of the work you'll be doing:

  4. Haunt 2012

    Hello All !!!

    Hope everyone is stoked that Halloween is only 60 days away!!!!!!!!!!!. Any ways, 2012 is my first "real" home haunt. If you had a chance to read my welcome post, I am relatively new to home haunting (1st one last year). This is a brief snippet of what I am doing for this year, how it all started and where I'm at just 60 days away fro Halloween.

    It all started last year about a week before Halloween. I realized that I would have Halloween off
  5. Novelty records

    Today, plowing through the "Novelty Records" portion of my collection.


    Andrew Gold - Halloween Howls (1996)

    Andrew Gold is probably best remembered for "Lonely Boy", a top 10 hit in 1977, as well as writing "Thank You for Being a Friend" ... later used as the theme to the TV show "The Golden Girls". He also collaborated with a lot of musicians in the 80's, ...
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