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  1. Halloweeny Art at KC Art Museum

    Finally was able to drag the hubby to our art museum in Kansas City called the Nelson-Atkins Art Museum. It's a first class museum and if you are ever in town - you may want to spend a few relaxing hours there. This visit I found myself gravitating to the Halloweeny-looking art items and thought I'd share them here.

    First though, here is a couple iconic shots of the museum because you may recognize it:

    Halloween Places
  2. Chained Werewolf - Pneumatic: Tutorial

    Have finally discovered the best use of pneumatic props - as a distraction! Yes, it is counter-intuitive to spend all that time and money making a pneumatic prop just to use as a distraction but today's ToTs are more sophisticated. They look for all the signs of a pneumatic prop so use that to your advantage. All you need here is a ToT taking a second or two hesitation ...
  3. Philco News October 1946

  4. Philco News October 1950

  5. Transworld 2013

    This year's Transworld was brimming with new ideas. So much so that it was veddy difficult to squeeze the footage into a manageable 10 min. video. Thank goodness I also took pictures...

    First off - here's the new 2013 video:

    Special Notes from the video:
    Start: Pale Night Productions - That is a clear LCD screen! Never heard of that technology but thank goodness Pale Night Productions did.
    1:14 - Haunted Props - This ...
    Halloween Places