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  1. 79 Days Till Halloween

    79 Days Till Halloween

    More mixes! Picking up where we left off:

    Dartman's Halloween Special (2009)
    This time, Dartman distributed his mix as one long mp3. I like it … you get better flow from one track to the next … but there’s no track listing that I’ve ever found. A few repeats from the previous year’s mix here. I like that he added some background noise to the tracks … so you faintly hear screams or wind during the songs … makes it kinda ...
  2. 80 Days Till Halloween

    80 Days Till Halloween

    Going to listen to more of the mixes I’ve found on various blogs and websites.

    Best Ever Halloween Party Album (2009)
    Ambitious title. This mix has several fun and obscure tracks … some of which I’ve never heard anywhere else.
    • The theme from “Growing Pains”, re-written to sound like “The Monster Mash” for their Halloween special
    • “Crypt Jam” from Cryptkeeper (the one from “Tales From the Crypt”)
  3. 83 Days Till Halloween

    83 Days Till Halloween
    Time to tackle one of my biggest folders … “Mixes From Blogs”. These are various Halloween mixes I’ve downloaded from all over the place. Many repeat offenders in here … bloggers that have released mixes for years. A few one-offs, too. Starting with one of the first Halloween mixes I ever found …

    The Haunted Disc (mixed by Alabamudclay 2002)
    Love this mix because it is showed up right about when I started falling in love with Halloween ...
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  4. 84 Days Till Halloween

    84 Days Till Halloween
    More from the Miscellaneous Music folder…

    Jill Tracy - Diabolical Streak (1999)
    I heard portions of this album on an old “Hearts of Space” Halloween program. Tracy’s music is kind of old-timey, very sophisticated, and darkly sexy. The songs like “Evil Night Together”, “The Fine Art of Poisoning”, and “You Leave Me Cold” sound like they could be coming from a cabaret club in the 20’s. There are few instruments (piano, drum, bass, ...
  5. 85 Days Till Halloween

    85 Days Till Halloween

    Not ready for sound effects or sound atmospheres … still enjoying the music. And I’m not a huge fan of sound effects CDs anyway.

    John Carradine - Halloween Spooktacular - Poe with Pipes (2003)
    This is a re-release of an older record … not sure when it was released originally. The first track is a 14-minute sound effects track that is old-fashioned and fun. The second is 17 minutes of Verne Langdon’s ominous yet impressive ...