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  1. 21 Days Till Halloween

    21 Days Till Halloween

    Three more weeks. I have resigned myself to NOT making it all the way through my collection of Halloween sounds, but I do believe Iíll get through everything that ISNíT sound effects / sound atmospheres. And Iím actually OK with that. I havenít listened to any Midnight Syndicate or Nox Arcana, I havenít listened to my oldies or my rockabilly folders, and Iíve hardly touched the sound effects / sound atmospheres. The rest Iíve hit pretty hard. ...
  2. 22 Days Till Halloween

    22 Days Till Halloween

    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (2010)
    Itís kind of nice to hear a non-Disneyfied version of LoSH. The text here is nearly word-for-word from Irvingís story, with only a few modernized changes to make it easier to listen to. It is all narrated (not voice-acted), with terrific accompanying music and some sound effects. It might be the best version of the story Iíve heard.

    Tom Willett - Ghost Gallery - Eerie Tales Based on ...
  3. Scariest Vintage Halloween Ads

    Buzzfeed has put together this great list/collection of vintage Halloween ads. Check it out!

  4. 23 Days Till Halloween

    23 Days Till Halloween

    Shivers - Creepy Stories (1996)
    Shivers - Weird Tales (1996)

    Zacherley serves as the emcee for these sets of original spooky stories geared toward tweens. The voice acting is barely serviceable Ė one woman really strains to sound like a teenage boy and a vampire in the first couple tracks. There are a few sound effects and musical cues. Only Zacherley makes these special (as you might expect). His chuckles and puns add a touch ...
  5. 24 Days Till Halloween

    24 Days Till Halloween

    Random Records - Fright (1960)
    Random Records - Horror (1960)
    Random Records - Nightmare (1960)
    Random Records - Terror (1960)

    Here are the Richard Taylor albums I was dreading a bit. On ďFrightĒ, Taylor reads ďThe Fall of the House of UsherĒ. His pacing is good, but his voice is a near-whisper throughout, and as such, his reading voice hardly varies in pitch. He also seems to struggle with a word here and there. ...