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  1. 99 Days till Halloween!


    99 Days till Halloween! Today I’m hitting my “Ghost Stories” collection, which covers just about any album that features the spoken word more than the music. Kinda hard to listen to this while I work though … I can’t listen very carefully, so I’ll just give you an overall feeling I get when listening.

    Al Zanino - The Vampire Speaks (1957)
    First up, Al Zanino with “The Vampire Speaks”, a little 45 single released in 1957. On Side A, Dracula gives a little ...
  2. 100 days till Halloween!


    100 days till Halloween! Time to start listening to Halloween music. I tend to do most of my listening at work, and there is (sadly) no streaming allowed there, so I have to listen to what I’ve got in my archives.

    To set the mood, I’m starting my Halloween listening this year with Ambient music. First up, Richard Bone, an electronic musician who I discovered listening to Hearts of Space.

    Richard Bone - The Spectral Ships (1998)
    The Spectral ...
  3. 42 and just now getting it part 3! ..... well actually....

    This blog should be titled 46 and starting to get it part 1 46 PEOPLE FOR GOD SAKES I AM 46!!! SWEET JESUS TIME GOES BY FAST

    I havent been on here for a while and I see when I last left I was 42 and starting to get used to my oldest leaving the nest and deciding what I should do for the next chapter of my life. Well for those of you who know me or have been keeping up with me you know that I figured out what I wanted to do! I decided to go back to school and finish my degree
  4. A nice page of vintage Halloween celebrity photos.

    It's Halloween! A Certain Cinema

    Two wonderful examples of what's on this page:

    1931 Robert Coogan (Jackie Coogan's younger brother) and Jackie Cooper.

    Name:  robert-coogan-jackie-cooper-halloween-31.jpg
Views: 2018
Size:  75.3 KB

    Ida Lupino, one of the most incredible women of Golden Era Hollywood.

    Name:  lupino-halloween.jpg
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  5. Ellen Drew 1941

    I've found this image in several places online, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sexy Witch was the first to publish it online, so I'm crediting and linking to them.

    Follow link for more info on the actress. http://sexywitch.wordpress.com/2009/...loween-day-30/

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