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  1. Philco News October 1950

  2. Transworld 2013

    This year's Transworld was brimming with new ideas. So much so that it was veddy difficult to squeeze the footage into a manageable 10 min. video. Thank goodness I also took pictures...

    First off - here's the new 2013 video:

    Special Notes from the video:
    Start: Pale Night Productions - That is a clear LCD screen! Never heard of that technology but thank goodness Pale Night Productions did.
    1:14 - Haunted Props - This ...
    Halloween Places
  3. Black Light Ghillie Suit Scare: Tutorial

    What happens when you combine the illusions of scrim fabric with a ghillie suit? A sure-fire scare - that's what. This tutorial will show you how to make a fluorescent costume and matching columns to help you hide in plain sight at your haunt.

    Please watch the video to get an overall sense of how the build will be ...
  4. Haunt Banners: Tutorial

    The Halloween night haunt of Castle of Terra is hidden from the street because it's in a side garage. Vinyl banners are a great way to advertise it to the community leading up to Halloween night. This tutorial will show you how to mount your vinyl banners to keep them from blowing away...

    Please watch the short video to see how to install grommets and mounting the banner:

  5. Pictures are finally up!!!!!

    Welcome back all fellow Halloweeners. It has been almost two months since my last blog posting. I know that I promised that I would have the pictures up from this years home haunt, up shortly after Halloween, but unfortunately, between work and class I had a very busy past few months. But the wait is over. I finally got the daylight picks loaded and are in my 2012 album.

    As for the haunt, it was our best year ever. Seven years ago when we built the house we would only get maybe