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  1. 99 Days of Halloween

    There are only 99 days till Halloween (yay!), so I'm going to attempt to blog about Halloween Music every day until the big scary day finally arrives. I have no idea if anybody will read these blog entries, but it'll still be fun for me.

    Note that I am not SHARING any of these albums, but whenever possible I will link to somebody else (probably Halloweiner) who is sharing them. Hopefully we can all get scared together!
  2. Finally back on the halloween track

    It seems like an age since I have been able to to focus on Halloween and the forum.

    So, whats been happening in my world ??

    Well first of all my wife decided she wanted the spare room back as a spare bedroom. So my stepson and I have had to clear out what we had in there and minimalize. Unfortunately this was used as my workroom

    So all my craft materials are now confined to a storage cupboard.

    So did this take that long to do ? No ...
  3. A test post.

    I wonder if I spin a web
    if a small fly Iíll snare
    I wonder if I wrap it up
    and seal it from the air
    I wonder will it beg and plead
    I wonder will its cries I'll heed
    I wonder will it sate my need
    And offer me a kiss?
  4. Two of Clara Bow

    I've had these on my hard drive for awhile. Not sure where I found them.

  5. A few more radio shows for Halloween.