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  1. What the hell is a blog?

    Ha ha, just kidding. I know what a blog is.

    It's a type of frog, right? You know, like those big ugly ones that sit in a pond with their eyes just above the water. They make their throats expand way out like a balloon, croaking and croaking endlessly into the night, watching you with their slimely, vengence-filled eyes... just waiting, waiting for you to fall asleep, then WHAM! I don't trust them one bit.

    So when do I get my blog frog?

    P.S. I'm just ...
  2. Man...

    None of the beautiful men of classic film ever posed for Halloween pics. I can't find any anyway.

    What I wouldn't do for something with Errol Flynn that is Halloween inspired. :sigh:
  3. I Married a Witch 1942

  4. Spooky + Swing = Love

    In my world it does. This is vintage and spooky, not necessarily Halloween but it would work for Halloween. From the 1944 film,"The Ghost Chasers" here's Ella Mae Morse and the Kirby Grant Orchestra doing "Quoth the Raven."

  5. 1945 Salem Witch by George Petty