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  1. Spooky Tree 2008

    by , 09-03-2008 at 11:38 AM (Memoirs of a Fallen Angel)
    This year’s big project was to create a big spooky tree for my cemetery. I came across a great tutorial on one of the threads and decided this method would be the cheapest way to go about making this prop. It ended up costing me $13.00 to make.

    Here is what I used:
    Various bones and skulls (free, every good haunter owns tons of bones)
    Aluminum Foil - not even half a roll ( $1.a roll at Dollar Tree)
    ¾ of a roll of chicken wire ($7. a roll at Menards)
    Old ...

    Updated 09-24-2008 at 11:39 AM by LHALLOW (Adding pics)

  2. 60 days to go .....

    Where is the time going ? The days seem to be flying past and the project list doesn't get any smaller !!

    So where am I at with projects...?

    I have built my columns, now working on the tops and then need to paint them. Hope to have these completed by the end of this week.

    Finally came up with a motor to use for my witch stirring the cauldron. It's a rotisserie motor, completely encased so hopefully will be weather proof. Cost $1.50 at Value Village ...
  3. Troll Records – Weird Tales of the Unknown – 1973

    Troll Records – Weird Tales of the Unknown – 1973

    I finally got to the last of the Troll Records 1973 set of ghost story albums, and I’m glad I made it. These albums just don’t see to do much for me.

    This one opens with Poe’s “The Black Cat”, another staple of weird-tale albums. “A Diagnosis of Death” and “John Bartine’s Watch”, ...
  4. Troll Records – Great Ghost Stories – 1973

    Troll Records – Great Ghost Stories – 1973

    Figured I may as well complete the cycle here. “Great Ghost Stories” is the 3rd Troll Records ghost story releases from 1973 … at least the 3rd that I’m reviewing.

    “The Mysterious Shipwreck” is a bit long, and I doubt many young children could follow it. “The Golden Arm” is, of course, ...
  5. Troll Records – Thrillers and Chillers – 1973

    Troll Records – Thrillers and Chillers – 1973

    Another of Troll Records four-album Halloween releases from 1973. This one is maybe not geared towards children as much as the first one I reviewed, “Scary Spooky Stories”, but the ghost stories are classics.

    The first is a “The Tell-Tale Heart” … a staple of ghost story albums. “The Monkey’s ...