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  1. Crafty Decorating - #1

    Decorating with Fabric Starch
    Supposedly, you can affix cloth to your painted walls easily, then just pull down the fabric when you're tired of it and wipe any remaining starch. The only limits are your imagination and fabric resources!

    Here's a tute for attaching fabric decals -- if you're handy at cutting out shapes, or drawing directly onto fabric, this could be cool!

    Here is one that shows you how to cover an entire wall (or lampshade). This tute is for a ...

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  2. Scanning Old Halloween Pictures!

    When we moved , I lost the software for our scanner, so we been without one for sometime. Last week Big Lots had Hp scanner, printer, fax machine for $50.00, they were manufactuers rebuilds.

    So I'm excited cause now I can scan all my halloween pictures from the past & post them in my web site!! Just gotta find time to hook it up!


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  3. Thirteen Swing and Jazz Halloween Tracks

    I posted this to the music section some time ago, but thought I should have it here as well.

    13 tracks not on the Haunted House or Halloween Stomp albums. Just a few from my own collection, 30s-50s. Not specifically written for Halloween, but they are spooky/morbid/etc.

    EDIT 6/12/13 - the files I uploaded here and updated are both gone from servers. Should anyone want these songs, let me know.

    He's Dead But He Won't Lie Down - Gracie Fields 1941
  4. Two of the Lovely Janet Leigh- no shower curtains involved.

  5. Joy Hodges 1935