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  1. Hit the jackpot

    I purchased a few props today and boy did I hit the jackpot!

    Amongst the haul I made was

    A Don Post Flying Witch
    A Vampire Ghoul
    A Mario Chiodo Deluxe decor Stocks
    Gemmy Magic Mirror
    Gemmy Floating Ghost
    62' Hanging Reaper
    Battery Operated Scary Skeleton
    4 glow in dark skulls
    2 large bats
    4 extra large spiders
    jack Black Tombstone
    2 battery operated motion activated tombstones
    Spirit ...
  2. Dean Gitter – Ghost Ballads (1959)

    Dean Gitter – Ghost Ballads (1959)

    “Dean Gitter’s interest in folk music is traceable to the time when he was no more than 10 years old, for such music was a part of his upbringing” states the back of this nearly 50-year-old album of ghost songs. Gitter was a folk music producer, singer, and theater owner. In the 70’s, he moved to the Catskills ...
  3. Here's hoping...

    So the position at the children's theater opened up. The add for a costumer was in this past Sunday's paper. Very odd, because I never buy the paper and for some reason this week I did. So I sent off my resume and cover letter. They need someone to start on the 25th with this season's first production (Peter Pan). My daughter is trying out, so maybe I'll hear a little something when we go to auditions next week. Part of me doesn't think I'll get it, I don't have a lot of shop experience, ...
  4. Random thought

    This is totally random and not Halloween related at all. I was just thinking about it.

    I understand celebrities coming out telling people they should vote, there are people that look up to them.

    What really gets me though...why should I listen to them if there's a group of them that don't even live in this country anymore. They of course have their homes here for when they travel here and yes they are still citizens, but they're not living here! I guess it could ...
  5. Disney’s Thrilling Chilling Sounds of the Haunted House (1964)

    Disney’s Thrilling Chilling Sounds of the Haunted House (1964)

    Here’s one of the real classics … and one of the earliest scary sound effects albums in recording history. Hard to believe that good old family-friendly Disney was one of the first to break ground in this genre.

    For the most part, this album isn’t necessarily all that thrilling ...