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  1. Elvgren 2+ 1 Model

    All Smiles 1962

    Riding High 1958
    Some sites list this as 59, however the Elvgren list of titles says 1958.

    And the model:
  2. A "Grave" Mistake

    Well, I found a problem with my tombstone how to.

    I have been working on my latest stone, I had the design worked out, had that all masked up.

    For the lettering on the name, I printed out the name in a large font, cut out the letters and placed them in position on the tomb.

    The rest of the lettering was put in place.

    I was quite happy with the look of the design, etc, so proceeded to the next step.

    Now let this be a word ...
  3. 1933 Grace Bradley


    More non Hallows pics of her can be found here:

  4. Later Vintage Halloween PinUps

    Elliot, This Trick's A Treat 1950

    Bill Layne, PinUp Witch 1966

    I could use a lighter copy of that second one.
    I'm not sure where I found that... might have been the truly awesome and cool, not always safe for work blog, Sexy Witch.

    Most of my pinups were collected ...
  5. Lillian Wells - Glamour for Halloween