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Pnumatics and replacements

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Well, since Seymore was stolen, I've started work on a replacement dummy called Vince the Vandel, a desicated body tied up by the arms in ragged clothes with a descriptive sign explaining that Vince was the last vandel/thief I caught on my property, and doesn't he look good as a part of the display!! HE-HE!!
Also I've taken my wolfman pop-up out and have started a conversion from gear-motor to pnuematic. I can't wait to try him out tomorrow, I'm using the watervalve from a dishwasher as mt solenoid valve for the air. It seems to work much better than a washing machine valve and uses standard pipe threads so I can thead a quick connect right into it without having to make an adapter to fit onto a garden hose fitting.
If every thing works out well with the wolfman, I'll try to post a vid or at least pics to show him off.
Only 5 more days to go and a ton of things to do yet!!

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