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You know it's really sad sometimes, you spend time thinking of new ideas, time and money creating those ideas and bringing them into being! You know in your heart, that it's not the money or time that counts when you do this, you do it to bring the smiles to children's faces, your not doing this for yourself. I've been decorating my yard now for 11 years, I've had my share of minor vandalism as I believe we all have. But this is the first year that I've had a major theft. Last night after I went to bed, the center piece of my display,(a 6 foot tall static prop I built), "The Demon Priest," was stolen.
Now like I said in the above paragraph, I don't do this for myself, I do this for the children that trick or treat at my house, we've become known as the "Scarey House" with the kids in our town. The saddest part is that there is some thought on the part of the police in town, that it may be some of the older children in the area behind this theft, as there were several break in's in to cars in the area the same night and some people noticed children carrying something "bulky"
I don't harbor any illusions of getting the prop back before halloween, so now I'm faced with what am I going to do about my display, I change it every year, and spend half of my off season planning it out, and the other half building it, now the center piece of the whole thing is gone, there's a big hole where the demon priest is supposed to be sacrificing a victom. Maybe I'll just take the whole thing down for this year.

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  1. jfiffick's Avatar
    I feel your pain. I can see why you feel the way that you do. My sister had someone steal all of the pirate items from her porch and she pulled everything down in disgust. It sad when punk kids have to spoil it for all others. Next year I will put up security camera's for her to help prevent such thefts in the future. I have 4 cameras on my haunt and haven't had a problem yet. I just hope that the camera will deter any thefts. If anything does get taken, it should be good video for the local news.
  2. Ween12amEternal's Avatar
    Thieving vandals are the bane of Halloween enthusiasts existence! I just use them to fuel my Halloween passion (and that lovely boiling cauldron...)
  3. CrazyLabTennessee's Avatar
    Thats sad. I have gotten to a point where i only put my stuff up the day before Halloween for 2 nights. I live in Nice part of town but still dont trust people.
  4. Terra's Avatar
    UGH! That is terrible. I am so afraid that will happen to me one day and spoil my feelings about my Halloween display. Those teenagers are losers!