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  1. Of Light and Shadow - Reprise

    The last time I wrote of the use of light and shadow, it was specifically about Carl Dreyer's "Vampyr". In that film, shadows act of their own accord - sometime independently of the objects casting them, and sometimes with no original objects at all! It just seemed like such a great idea to me...
    Anyway, I got to thinking about the other ways old B&W directors had to use light and shadow to create effects. They had no computers, of course, but they also could not simply ...
  2. Of Light and Shadow

    I almost went with yet another post about Lon Chaney Sr. this week, but thought instead I'd switch it up and focus on a fascinating sequence using light and shadow from Carl Theodore Dreyer's 1932 horror movie Vampyr.

    The two parts I think are most effective are the man climbing the ladder (0:22) and then sitting on guard duty (1:14). It's also pretty cool the way the same shadow apparently climbs through the window (0:11). ...
  3. Lon Chaney - The Man of 1,000 Faces!

    I seem to be writing about masters of SFX in reverse chronological order this month! Before John Chambers, before Jack Pierce, one man literally made his reputation for his ability to create "1,000 faces" - and not on 1,000 actors, but on himself! That man, of Course, was Lon Chaney Sr. - "The Man of 1,000 Faces".

    Lon Chaney was an out of work stage actor who could not get a job in Hollywood. At least, not before he brought his makeup kit to the casting calls. ...
  4. Jack Pierce - "The man Behind The Monsters"

    If you love the classic Universal monsters, you know well the creations of Jack Pierce. A rich vein of genius runs through his work, whether in his lesser known movies like "The Man Who Laughs" or "The Monkey Talks", or in the more famous "The Wolfman", "The Mummy" or "Frankenstein".

    In fact, if you have tried to do SFX makeup at all, I challenge you to look closely at the iconic makeup Karloff wore in Frankenstein and not be amazed ...
  5. YOU can Resurrect HauntCast!

    Quote Originally Posted by JustJimAZ View Post
    Chris Baker, Shellhawk and Revenant have agreed that if they can get 250 people to subscribe to Hauntcast for $100 a year they will bring it back. That's a little over $8 a month.
    You can subscribe on the HauntCast website: http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/
    I don't work for HauntCast, of course. I am just one of thousands who enjoyed the show.

    Many of you were fans of HauntCast, and were sad to see it go. This is a chance for the "hardcore" fanbase to bring
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