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Sounds of Darkness

I love spooky music of all kinds ... novelty, sound effects, ambient, ghost stories, rock, and whatever mixes I can find. Here, I review them and post links to whoever is out there sharing them.

  1. Halloween Booootie

    These probably aren't for everybody. But, if you are having a big party and need something up-tempo that people can find fresh yet familiar, these are pretty solid. Hard to beat a good mashup ... it takes real creativity to put two songs together seamlessly, and these are all pretty good and creative mixes. (Then again, a bad mashup is just ... bad.) Looks like 2014 was the last year for these. Too bad! They're a fun listen!

    All four compilations are available for download right here. ...
    Tags: mashups, mixtapes
  2. Kandy Coated Kackles

    Awesome mix of songs? Check.
    Incredible ... I mean INCREDIBLE ... cover art? Check.
    Volume after volume after volume? Check.

    Kandy Coated Kackles has got you covered. Last year, or a couple years ago maybe, the Halloween Music forum regulars had some trouble tracking these down. Now you can get them straight from the source right here.


    Scroll down a ways to get past all the artwork. (Which ...
  3. More blogs?

    There are plenty more blogs out there to choose from, but any of you hundreds of readers ... OK, any of you dozens of readers ... OK if EITHER of you out there know of more mixes from blogs I could write about, holler.
    Tags: mixtapes
  4. Reverend Frost

    The good Reverend Frost's mixes were a must-download for years. He'd post new ones on his blog ... usually more than one per year, if memory serves. I don't think you can get them on his blog anymore, but you can listen to them at mixcloud. Just go to https://www.mixcloud.com/ and search for "Bloody Halloween Mix". His latest is Part 22.

    His mixes focus on garage rock-type oldies from the 50's and 60's mostly. But there's plenty of good horrorbilly, vintage (30's, 40's) ...
  5. Dan Augustine's Halloween Hits

    Another entry in my blog that talks about other people's blogs. (Meta!)

    Dan Augustine's "Halloween Hits" series of mixtapes are consistently awesome from one year to the next. Every year he comes up with a mix of old tracks, weird tracks, obscure tracks, soundtrack tracks. Listening is an adventure.

    One way to judge the quality of the mix is to look at the cover. Is it custom made? Lots of elements involved? Can you tell by the cover that the mixtape's creator ...
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