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Sounds of Darkness

I love spooky music of all kinds ... novelty, sound effects, ambient, ghost stories, rock, and whatever mixes I can find. Here, I review them and post links to whoever is out there sharing them.

  1. Movies

    Yeah, I know I usually talk about Halloween music, but I'm trying to squeeze in lots of classic horror movies this year. I started early...

    "The Tomb of Ligeia" (1964) - I love the Roger Corman / Edgar Allen Poe movies ... I've seen "Usher", "Pit", and "Haunted Palace" several times each. I hadn't watched "Ligeia" in years, so I thought I'd give it another go. The outdoor scenes by the castle ruins are gorgeous. I like the acting by ...
  2. No more playlists ... Spotify Halloween


    Let’s see what albums Spotify recommends for Halloween…

    “Halloween” – Two Steps From Hell
    Good stuff. “Power of Darkness” sounds a bit “Mars”y (Holst). Some songs have vocals … “To Die on Halloween” sounds much like “This is Halloween” (Elfman). Tracks are short and sweet, and lots of variety from one track to the next. I heard some of this in an earlier playlist.

    “Halloween” – Various Artists
    I haven’t heard of many of these artists, ...
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  3. Enough Spotify Playlists already


    “ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN” (by Spotify) (2,395 followers)
    This playlist starts things off right with a little thunder sound effects track. I like how it alternates old classics like “Witchy Woman” and “Thriller” with slightly less well-known tracks from Slash, Yoko Ono (!), Hawthorne Heights. And it isn’t a crazy-long playlist. Fun songs, weird songs, dark songs.
    I think I’ve established that I should not pay much heed to playlists with only a few followers.
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  4. Spotoween


    I’m just going to keep going through the playlists that Spotify suggests when I search “Halloween”. But I’m going to be a little bit picky.

    “HALLOWEEN PARTY 2014” Playlist (27 followers) - Much of the music is NOT Halloween-related. So I’ll skip it.

    “IN THE HALLOWEEN MOOD” (124 followers) Playlist by Tom Nerwinski. It features…
    • Everything by Midnight Syndicate
    • Everything by Nox Arcana
    • Lots of movie complete movie ...
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  5. Spotify Halloween


    I hadn’t really intended to document my listening habits this year, but what the heck. Now that I can listen to Spotify at work, I’ll start with whatever playlists Spotify recommends for Halloween.
    93 days till Halloween!

    First up is Spotify’s own “Halloween Party” playlist. Starts off with the classic “Monster Mash”, no complaints there. Plenty of standards here … “Thriller”, “Ghostbusters”, “I Put ...
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