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  1. Halloween + Steampunk = STEAMPUNKINS!

    For some time now, I have been fascinated with Steampunk. If you don't already know, Steampunk is a kind of alternate history/alternate reality that imagines a past, present, and future where the information age and the industrial age began simultaneously. As the name implies, computers are steam powered and mechanical. Ray guns, time machines, aviation goggles, and a number of other Jules Verne / H.G.Wells type things are standard.

    Well, I thought about making Steampunk jack-o-lanterns. ...
  2. Putting the Magic Back in Halloween

    Haunt is about illusion. We plan our layout, our lighting, sounds, etc. to create an atmosphere that seems to be more menacing than it is. We use hot glue, PVC, and paper mache to create the illusion of things that simply cannot exist.

    Stage magic is about illusion too. The magician puts the audience in a position of "seeing" what is simply not true. Why, then, do I see so few references to magic type illusions in haunts?