We are happy to announce that we have some of our most popular animated props in stock. (VERY LIMITED SUPPLY)

Props that are in stock as of the time of this post include:

  • Toxic Zombie Animated Prop
  • Life-Size Animated Midnight Countess
  • Life-Size Animated Executioner
  • Life-Size Animated Rocking Granny
  • Animated Ripping Reaper of Souls
  • Tombstone Lifter Animated Prop
  • Life-size Animated Crawling Man
  • Animated Face Ripping Clown Prop
  • Animated Talking Skull Door Greeter
  • Animated Floating Assortment
  • Wolf Shirt Adult Costume
  • Lone Wolf Werewolf Adult Mask
  • Orangutan Mask
  • Rising Witch in Cauldron
  • Sound Activated Life-Size Talking Flying Witch Prop
  • Dead Fred Talking Head

Check out the videos and our Halloween Prop section.