In A World… has been nominated for an Independent Music Award! Their song “Halloween Masquerade Waltz” is nominated for Best Holiday Song (Halloween, naturally!). This is the only Halloween Song Nominated!
If you would like to hear the song or vote in the fan voting poll it takes only about 2 minutes. Here's How:
1. Click on this link:
2. In the menu at the left that says “Categories” click on “Song nominees”
3. In the Song categories menu on the left click on “Holiday Song (Any Holiday)”
4. There are 5 nominees, it is the 3rd one down “Halloween Masquerade Waltz” by In A World…
5. Click on Login or Register to Vote!
6. Enter your e-mail address and create a password. (It will say thank you for registering and lead you back to our page.
7. Click on 5 stars next to In A World… “Halloween Masquerade Waltz”!
8. Vote for any other artists you like and then log out. That’s It!