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  • Vandalay Industries's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    Nice work!
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  • MasterKrane's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    MasterKrane replied to a thread Static: Now I am cracked. in Halloween Props
    Excellent work, looks great!
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  • Madame Leota's Avatar
    Today, 01:11 PM
    Well our WG's is a total bust. They have about five feet of space dedicated to Halloween décor this year and what they have is pretty pitiful. Nothing close to what they had five years ago but it has been slowly dwindling each year so I'm not really surprised.
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  • CARLOSCHAPA's Avatar
    Today, 01:08 PM
    CARLOSCHAPA commented on TNBrad's photo in album Extra stuff
    awesome! i snagged one up for $30 at salvation army, not near as cool...........they have a pretty spooky one right now for $50 too
  • Stochey's Avatar
    Today, 01:07 PM
    I started my yearly X-Files marathon yesterday while carving funkins. Definitely getting me in the mood!
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  • tinto212's Avatar
    Today, 01:07 PM
    Im up in Dumfries, B&M have got a fair bit of stuff out this week . The usual lights , webs, skellys, quite good fake chains aswell. Costco have got the 5 ft poseable skellys in again this yr and worth the £30 as they are good quality.
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  • Skeptic's Avatar
    Today, 01:06 PM
    Just a Costco Skelly when we met...but after an afternoon in my laboratory... He is currently 'hangin' out', waiting for my wife to pull into the garage... The Tutorial is one many here will already know, check out Stiltbeast studios youtube channel for the corpsing. The Gibbet was nothing more than plastic trim, 8' long sold at Rona, bolted together with 5 gallon bucket lids for the top and bottom with plastic chain (not shown) to suspend it. A black base coat was applied with nickel...
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  • PepsiSteve's Avatar
    Today, 01:05 PM
    I apologize in advanced if this is already covered somewhere in another thread or tutorial, but I didn't have any luck finding it. Can anyone share their technique for getting a granite/marble finish? I'm looking to build an obelisk this year and those are usually smoother and more white than the finish you get with Drylock (well, the grey Drylock that I've got). I was hoping someone had some tips they could share. I'm thinking white latex paint...maybe a little bit of black mixed in to...
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  • CFD318's Avatar
    Today, 01:04 PM
    CFD318 added 2 photo(s) to album TS-4
  • Jezebelle's Avatar
    Today, 01:00 PM
    I'll be at HG tomorrow, today I am taking care of a day old orphaned duckling. But, tomorrow, I'll run to the store and HG next door then head back to take care of it. If I see it again I'll buy itt.
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  • LairMistress's Avatar
    Today, 12:59 PM
    Friday I went to a "huge barn sale" that supposedly had a lot of Halloween stuff. I guess getting there an hour late, all of the good stuff was gone. I went ahead and picked up one thing, since I drove so far to get there. I got a rock. A motion activated talking rock, but still, a rock. Apparently, it has a nose hair problem. Today, I managed to find two miniature vintage pumpkin pails for 10 cents each at a locally owned thrift store. These aren't the tiny ones that you can buy...
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  • Mourning Glory's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM
    OH NO! Take pictures as you are opening it. This way you will have them if you need to file a claim. Hopefully it won't come to that.
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  • Laer's Avatar
    Today, 12:58 PM
    Laer replied to a thread Joining in... in Member Introduction
    Hello again, everyone! Sorry, I was away for a very long time there! I've been visiting some of the forums again, after my long absence, seeing how things are going. If anyone has been trying to get in touch with me, feel free to use my contact form on the Scaremation site, if I dont catch your message here. I want to try and be available to field any questions about Scaremation, if there are any, and generally see how things are, and what people are interested in seeing these days. ...
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  • Ghost of Spookie's Avatar
    Today, 12:56 PM
    Cool -V-, thanks for the description. He does sound better built than we have all become unfortunately accustom to seeing these days, so that's good to know its better quality. I don't know about other people's stores but I don't think any of mine ever put any of their large props on display. Probably because they only have just one or two of each many times. Please post a photo when you end up setting him up. I had to be down by that CVS that had started stocking this morning and no...
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  • Kyriotes's Avatar
    Today, 12:55 PM
    Can you actually get cards sent to your forum name as long as the address is correct? I've had a couple of people request that.
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  • GodOfThunder's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM
    Good day everyone---I'm doing a 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters theme for our party this year and have been lollygagging on my yard decorations. I don't want to rip someone off blindly or carte blanche, but attached is a pic of a house that did an AWESOME Ghostbusters theme yard. I want to replicate some of the elements here, but am at a loss as to how they did the buildings or how to do them myself. Foam? If so, then I have to join foam sections and am worried about durability. Wood...
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  • Laer's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM
    Hi, guys! I've been away for a LONG time! I just logged in again, dusted off my profile, and had a look around. Sorry if anyone was trying to get a hold of me! How are things with everyone?
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  • Kenneth's Avatar
    Today, 12:54 PM
    Mine are a bit different, since this is our last party I'm incorporating our past costume characters as the "freaks" (with the exception of the fortune teller one, that's a character for this year) but it's just meant to be an interesting little nod to parties past. :-) I haven't finished all of them but these are the only two I have so far.
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  • naberhoodhaunts's Avatar
    Today, 12:50 PM
    Pm' you about shipping cost?
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  • thanosstar's Avatar
    Today, 12:49 PM
    ive reached my limit ghouls and gals...thanks :)
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  • GodOfThunder's Avatar
    Today, 12:48 PM
    Thanks again for the ideas, everyone. I've been WAY behind on all of my projects, so this is starting to get some traction. I'll keep you posted on progress and pics!
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  • Jezebel_Boo's Avatar
    Today, 12:46 PM
    Just got in one of my shipments...seriously???!!!! I'm afraid to even open it!
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  • Spooky McWho's Avatar
    Today, 12:42 PM
    I bought the Oogie Boogie today, He will look so good with the Jack I bought last year if only they carried Sally as well
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  • Rustie's Avatar
    Today, 12:41 PM
    I did a lot of prep work for my big projects before leaving on a week long vacation, determined to hit the ground running when I got back. Then I broke two fingers while on vacation and have one hand in a full cast. Not sure if I'll be able to tackle ANY of my projects now without recruiting some serious help. Major bummer.
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  • mariem's Avatar
    Today, 12:40 PM
    Can't wait to see what you do with it. Post pics please.
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  • Ghost of Spookie's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 PM
    Palladino, I know exactly what you mean. Passing on something and then finding yourself trying to track down another one is like getting a song in your head you can't get rid of!
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  • mariem's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 PM
    Welcome to the forum.
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  • kenkozpgh's Avatar
    Today, 12:39 PM
    kenkozpgh replied to a thread Static: Walmart Skeleton in Halloween Props
    You're correct about the feet. They aren't solid and I didn't like that, but in certain applications you could still get away with using it. The hands were solid. I didn't buy any. I was lucky enough to pick up a bunch at Costco's earlier.
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  • mariem's Avatar
    Today, 12:38 PM
    Welcome to the forum.
    9 replies | 71 view(s)
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